An appeal to to the Film makers and fans..

An appeal to to the Film makers and fans..

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Just like any other cinema fan I went to watch Diwali release Aarambam today. My brother is an Ajith fan, so after long time it was an opportunity to go for a movie together. But after watching the movie it made ask myself lot of questions about Stardom, fans, audience and cinema. I love all kinds of cinema commercial, classics, arts etc.., provided they sincerely try to achieve what that genre demands for. But the way now certain movies are made, to be frank I have no idea what the makers are trying to cater to the audience. Cinema is the most popular art form for the current generation. It has its share of influence on the people as well it reflects taste as well as the intelligence of every film industry.

You are free to make the style of movie you wanted to make story based, character based or purely theme based. If you wanted to make a movie which is to showcase the heroism of the main lead, have an effort to write a story which makes an ordinary lead character to a hero. Yes, you can give him a grand introduction or even a title song (if you must). But let’s stop it there and at least film the story afterwards of course with a certain logic. It is not necessary that the every scene the lead actor appears there should be a reason to cheer, clap or dance. This is especially true when an actor has more talent than just good looks or other misc skills. We see a new set of film makers coming into the industry with sole confidence on the script and storytelling. So let’s avoid clichés and instead of spending time on thinking how to make the hero supreme in every scene, let’s think how to convey that particular story part with a great level of acting contribution by the lead actor. Yes you can make it stylish, but with touch of innovative ideas, not merely costumes or locations.

Coming back to Ajith , He is one of the most loved actors of current generation. I do not want make a comment on his huge fan base, as we already aware of that. You can call him "Thala" "Superstar" or any title you love to call him. But let’s stop us there, let’s not compel or influence him to choose a certain kind of cinema. We all know that how down to earth and a frank speaking person he is. I was awestruck hearing the news that he dismissed his fan base and certain other statements of him which was extremely gutsy. For a guy who is truly passionate about anything he does (Be it racing, photography or Cinema) with no other hidden agenda, he deserves more. More than a few cheers, claps or abhishekas on the posters.

As a movie fan I would like Ajith to be remembered as an actor who had the guts to try any kind of cinema, which other didn't dare to.  An actor, who had acted in a bunch of cinemas, which not only his fans but the whole movie audiences loved it. How many actors of current generation are ready to show their grey hair on screen (Though personally I would like to see the young Ajith once in a while :)  ) Which mean film makers are not restricted by certain starry conditions and naturally they get more freedom on the story development and presentation.

My appeal to the film makers and his fans are let him try to act in different kind of cinema. Let the film makers offer him with all kind of cinema. And let us encourage it. We do not want to him to confine himself to be actor in the Tamil film industry who catered only to his fans. 
Murukan Arunachalam

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