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An 'invincible' Ajith names his son Aadvik meaning 'unique'...

If Thala is ‘Invincible’, Kutty Thala is ‘Unique’….

Apr 23, 2015

The name of Ajith Kumar’s baby boy was revealed just an hour back and you can already see the hashtag ‘Aadvik’ trending in twitter. That’s the amount of fan craze the star enjoys all across.

Have you ever wondered what does the name Ajith mean ? If in case you had no idea, these facts will make you go wild.

In Sanskrit, Ajith means a man who has not been conquered, in simple an invincible man. 

Likewise, Shalini means modest.

Anoushka means endearment

Aadvik means unique.


An 'invincible' Ajith names his son Aadvik meaning 'unique'...

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