Yennai Arindhaal - A self-realization of the actor in himself!

Yennai Arindhaal - A self-realization of the actor in himself!

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A simple tale which portrays the travel of a persona and its struggles through different facets of life.
Ajith has clearly displayed his multidimensional acting skills. Be it a snazzy cop or a caring father or a loyal son or a sincere lover, he has done it all with ease and fit the bill perfectly. He has surrendered himself for the character and has showcased a never before seen acting skill set. The love that we have for him as an actor would definitely soar up high after watching this flick. 
Gautham Menon rebounds in great style, after his recent movies being misfired heavily. He has cleverly chosen the crème de la crème of his genres and has presented it quite impeccably. Kudos to him for not letting Ajith’s stardom influencing his script in anyway. He is one director who redefines the stereotypical Tamil romantic scenes every time (including in this one) and succeeds in the process. His cameo performance streak continues in this one too.
Arun Vijay, who had gone lost in all the noises in Tamil cinema, has now proved that he is a definite talent material, especially in the confrontation scene between him and Ajith over the phone. Vivek as ‘Revolver’ Richard is convincing and has managed to tickle some funny bones. Trisha, who comes as a single mother, has shown a lot of maturity in her acting and Anushka has delivered perfectly what has been told. Baby Anikha impresses with her innocent looks and subtle emotions.
 Harris's background score is electrifying and the duo has struck the right chord once again. Anthony’s cuts are razor-sharp. The involvement of Thiagarajan Kumara raja holds the reason for some rawness in the script. Dan Macarthur’s lens has got the special power of magnifying beauty beyond proportions.
A lot of Menon-isms are visibly evident. The movie is pacy and gripping, though it slacks a little bit in some portions with extended scenes and unwanted lengthy dust-ups. But considering the fact that the movie is shortened now, this would do some good.
In conclusion, Yennai Arindhaal definitely falls in the ‘”must watch movie” category and it's not a film made for the fans to just come, celebrate and forget it; but instead to contemplate and cherish it forever!

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