Yennai Arindhaal - Satyadev and his Choices

Yennai Arindhaal - Satyadev and his Choices

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Yennai Arindhaal - Satyadev and his Choices.
Yennai Arindhaal revolves around the thought that, “It’s our choices that determine our future”. Ajith’s dialogue, “Oru Mellisana Kodu, intha pakkam pona na nallavan…. Andha pakkam pona na rumba Kettavan.. intha pakkama illa antha pakkama nu mudivu panna oru naal vanthuchu valkaila.. valkai enna oruthana mathuchu” summarises the whole plot of YA.
Arranging the story in a linear manner, the story begins with Satyadev interacting with his dad about his future, the choices he has to make and the work involved after selecting a choice. His father’s death leaves him with a choice of killing the bad guys either the good way or the bad way. The path he decides serves as the starting point for the following events.
The consequences of three different events of sparing Victor’s life, helping Hemanika (choosing to save a life than killing another) and being a good father to Isha intertwine together and bring a major change in Satyadev’s life.  It’s the choice of helping his friend’s daughter that brings him back into the game. Correlate all these incidents with Ajith’s kodu dialogue and you will know, why YA is different from other GVM movies?
 (I have shortened the storyline.  Scenes where he goes to take revenge, thinks of his daughter during the fight with Golden Raj and the events that follow are based on his choices. Think of the story the other way around, what if Satyadev chooses not to help Hemanika or How would it be if Satyadev killed Victor in his first choice. Also, what would have happened if he called his friends in the department to save his friends daughter. Such thoughts will make the story even more interesting. )
All these choices lead us to the climax that answers to questions like, Did Satyadev choose to kill Victor in his second chance? Did he win in his choice to kill the bad guys ? Did he balance the equation between good and bad ?
To comment about the screen space for Arun Vijay and the screenplay of YA, I guess GVM has opted to show only the good side rather than explaining Victor’s story and his whereabouts (A choice between good and Bad!) .  Also, the tile says “Yennai Arindhaal”, who else did you expect the story will revolve around?
Why is Yennai Arindhaal special? And what makes it more than an action movie?
Each and every scene in the movie is consequences of a choice that has been made earlier. Absence of Ajith’s mass factor, brilliant performances from the lead actors and a justifiable screen play makes Yennai  Arindhaal special.
All in all YA is a good movie with brilliant performances from Ajith, Arun Vijay, Trisha and that little girl. Kudos, to GVM and team.
P.S :
1. I am not an Ajith Fan.
2. These are just my views about the movie.
N. Venkat Nivas

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