Disappointing Arambam

Disappointing Arambam

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Recalling my childhood Diwali days , I remember the way we visualize the items inside by seeing the cracker box. Next day early morning we start with bijilees and bombs , to our shock the first bomb is tussssss. Oh that’s the story of the beginning , I mean ARAMBAM. Irrespective of whatever the box office performance may be of Arambam , let us accept that it’s a very poor movie. I am surprised with most of the reviewers and critics who have praised , surprisingly behindwoods has given 3.25 stars as compared to 3 stars for Mangatha.
With the present trend of smart movies such as Tuppakki, Vishwaroopam , Singam 2 , Soodhu Kavvum etc , Arambam is a big let-down.
The movie started off well with the buildings coming down and the obese Arya , but that was the only novelty in Arambam. Then onwards the screenplay started to please Ajith’s fans and went overboard many times. 
The story and screenplay is nothing but a polished version of many clichéd scenes of Tamil movies. Sorry to say , keep aside Mangatha , Ajith seems to continue the same mannerism and body language of Billa & Billa 2. 
For the sake of Ajith's future this movie had to flop , but the fans have made it a big hit may be even blockbuster , but comparing to his contemporaries his great movies are less in quantity and far apart.
I too am a great admirer of Ajith’s movies such as Kadhal Kottai, Mugavari, Citizen and Mangatha , but definitely not for movies such as Aalwar, Ji, Jana, Paramasivam, Anjaneya, Tirupathi & Arambam.
These are not the kind of films that we Ajith fans have to expect from him, complete mass movies are fine and experimental movies are also fine, but not these kind.
The problem lies with the fans , there is such a mania created around Ajith that everything he does is falsely appreciated. Give him his space to decide on correct moves and movies.
Request to all the directors, it takes a lot of guts for such a fan following star to say that he is open to negative roles, salt and pepper look and experimental characters. So please , bring out the best in him with out of the box script.
Frank Paul Raj

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