Arrambam (The beginning of an End)

Arrambam (The beginning of an End)

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There are some directors who tried to copy the making of Shankar and got failed, this time Vishnu wants to pull down the same trick but without any speculation he too has failed, even badly.


The story is nothing but an old revenge drama, but they have included the armory fraud which makes the story interesting. The exciting factors are faded out right from the start, especially from the introduction song , the movie moves to a different track where the captivating things are hard to found. In Billa, Vishnu remade a known single movie but here he drags almost all the old outdated good movie scenes(including swordfish) and plants it in irrelevant places.


Ajith, not sure still how many directors will come and make movies by asking him to walk but not act. He has lots of slow motion scenes, action scenes, glass changing scenes and he even reprises same classy dialogue till the movie ends but unfortunately none of them are appealing. Nayanthara as Ajith's side kick fails to get attention from the viewers. Arya and Tapsee are the only saving grace for this movie but Arya's collage life sequences are all completely boring. Tapsee did her part very well, she looks good too in all the scenes.


Only two persons who are apt in police role in this movie are Kishore and Rana. Rana is very impressive in his physique and Kishore's commanding tone along with his rampage look makes his character an attractive one. Unfortunately the director does not want anyone to overcome Ajth it seems, so he kills Rana early and turns Kishore in to a funny substance in the end. The guy who came as minister has done justice to that role.


Vishnu's movies always carry high note on technical side but this the first time he got failed in that part too. Cinematography was good and decent but the major letdown was shockingly from the repeated BGM where the master of background score fizzles poorly. Songs are good to hear and EnFuse Poche, Melala vedikuthu are all captured very well. Editing was average, as the movie sinks deeply it took every good things with it. Seriously, three guys involved in stunt sequences ?? too bad though.


There are few questions popped up in your mind like, how come Arya became a professional shooter from hacker, how come a most wanted terrorist travels to other country without any interference, how come everyone jumped in to the same place where the hostages are kept, how come Ajith still wearing glasses when he was about to get arrested? Well, no answers for none of them till the end card rolls.


One thing is clear, adding Hollywood movie scenes or adding stylish costumes or speaking English won't give the feel like it was an international movie. Hope Vishnu will come back strongly with another Pattiyal or Arinthum Ariyamalum kind of soon.


Verdict - Instead of this, they should have remade Swordfish itself

Nivaz r

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