Raja The Raja at London

Raja The Raja at London

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This was the first program that Ilayaraja conducted in Europe and the experience was simply outstanding. The show went for roughly just over 4 hrs 35 minutes and top singers like SPB,  Jeyachandran rendered some extra ordinary super hits of total songs of 40 played.
It was nice to watch current generation singers Karthick, Chinmayee to attempt yesteryear classics.

Initially , Karthick set the tempo very high by singing 'om sivoham' from Naan Kadavul and it was kind of competition between who would sing the best melody between Jeyachandran and SPB.

It was fully packed all the way with classic melodies, fast songs, devotional, mother song, night songs and quiet amazing to hear them live. Honestly, the live is better than the recorded ones at times.

Obviously being live rendition there are bound to be some mistakes. Chinmayee made for initial misses in Anakili song and sang beautifully 'Kaatril' from Johnny. Kamal showed his prowess as singer yet again and sang 4 songs but I felt complete let down where his song selection did not cover his wonderful song 'pottu vaitha kadal thittam'.

Karthick Raja, Bhavatharini, Yuvan sang as well and it was quiet wonderful to hear Yuvan singing 'sainthu sainthu'.

It was good to hear Kamal and SPB. Overall, during initial hour roughly 9 songs were sung but after second hour pace was lost. I feel if properly managed another 5 songs could have been sung as well quiet easily. I must admit here time was saved as there was no presenter who takes us through about the song but online mixing could have used to indicate at least the following singers, movie, lyricist. Time could have best managed further using iPads to know song lyrics for singer rather written papers and put them on stand. Further conducting such program during summer holidays did not help to bring full crowd either as half of Tamil families will be outside UK during such time!

Getting Illayaraja on live show is precious and I feel these little tweaks will optimise and help to render more songs in the future. Title was apt and simply a master rendition. As usual guitar, drums and flute was very infectious and this event shall be one of the most cherished moments of my life.

Many thanks

Swaminathan Natarajan

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