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Dhanush is a better singer than me, says Ilayaraja

"Dhanush sings better than me", Ilayaraja

Jan 24, 2015

Recently director Balki organized a function in Mumbai to celebrate Ilayaraja scoring music for 1000 films which was attended by Rajinikanth, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, and Dhanush besides numerous celebrities.


Director Balki invited Dhanush to speak at the occasion and also sing Raja sir’s songs when he added, “Dhanush prides himself on having a voice very similar to Raja sir and Raja sir is going to decide whether it is true or not”.


A visibly nervous Dhanush came on stage with a debonair suit and said, “Sir, naan sathyama appadi ellam sollalae (Honestly, I never said these things)”. When Ilayaraja questioned Dhanush on this, the Aadukalam hero got all the more nervous and said, “As it is I am nervous and you are making me all the more nervous”.


He started with a thank you note to Balki and to Ilayaraja he added on, “I don’t know how to thank you for all that you have done to us, your contribution to music industry and for making us listen to the best of music. I am one of your devotees. I have been following you since I was a small kid. I am not a trained actor and came into this industry accidentally. Without your music I don’t think I could have come this far. It’s been 15 years and every day it’s your music, every shot of mine is your music. I take inspiration from your music; I draw my emotions from your music. All my happiness, joys and sorrows, my love, my heartbreaks, pain and everything is your music”


After this touching speech, Dhanush went on to sing Naan Thedum Sevvandhi Poovidhu from Dharma Pathini and Then Paandi Seemaiyilae from Naayagan.


The striking similarity of Dhanush’s voice with Raja sir’s voice could never be denied and the sharp intonations and flexion in Dhanush’s voice reiterate that the actor can give any trained singer a tough competition. And this was emphasized when Raja said, "Dhanush, you sing better than me”.


Incidentally, in a career spanning 15 years and 25 released films, Dhanush had just worked in one film Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam scored by Ilayaraja. With his adulation for the legend and his musical talent, will the duo come together again in a film? That would indeed be magical. Let’s hope and wish!


Dhanush is a better singer than me, says Ilayaraja

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