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Dhanush as Raguvaran B Tech...

VIP is creating ripples in the neighboring state

Jan 05, 2015

Velai illa Pattadhari was not just a blockbuster hit in Tamil but is repeating its success in Telugu too. 


Titled as Raghuvaran B Tech, VIP got dubbed in Telugu and had a January 1st release. The film has been lapped up by the Telugu audience also. Trade reports say, the film is doing exceptionally well and the Telugu film buffs are loving the realistic portrayal of Dhanush's character. 

Following the tradition of all the Tamil films which regularly get dubbed and released for the Telugu audience, from now on, Dhanush will also enjoy the fanfare which Rajini, Vijay, Suriya and Vishal are already enjoying in the neighboring state. 
Congrats team VIP, sorry team Raguvaran B Tech!                


Dhanush as Raguvaran B Tech...

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