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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Dec 12, 2018 03:27 PM
Woman finds diamond ring 9 years after she flushed it down drain

When something is flushed down the toilet, it's typically lost forever. But then there are times when miracles do happen!

A woman from New Jersey had lost her wedding ring nine years ago when she had accidentally flushed it down the toilet. Nine years later, her hope paid off!

Paula Stanton dropped her diamond-encrusted 20th-anniversary ring down the toilet when she was cleaning the bathroom back in 2009. When she told her husband, Michael, that she lost the ring, he bought her a replacement that looked just like the one that slipped from her finger. Her husband jokingly told her to "hold onto this one" at the time.

Although she had a replacement, she never lost hope that she would be reunited with the original. Two years ago, she even contacted the public works department to see if Crew Chief Ted Gogol ever saw her ring while working.

Everything changed this November when Paula and Michael returned to New Jersey from a Thanksgiving trip and found a note from the public works department on the door. The note told the Stantons to contact the department because Gogol spotted something in the mud and debris just 400 feet from their house.

It turned out to be Stanton’s ring!

“I was only in a manhole less than 400 feet away from their house when I saw something shiny sitting in the mud and debris,” he told The Press. “I realized it was a ring, and I remembered the woman who was looking for a ring.”

According to The Press, Stanton boiled it in a peroxide and lemon juice mix on the advice of a jeweler. Now she is happily wearing both the original and replacement!