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By S Vikram | Sep 24, 2019 12:41 PM

In a horrific incident caused by a forest fire, the skies over an Indonesian province turned red on last Saturday (September 21). The incident happened at Jambi province where the residents captured pictures and videos of the unusual natural vision. The BCC report says that the sky turned red due to a phenomenon called Rayleigh Scattering.

Sky turns blood red Indonesia, Jambi region, forest fire

Reportedly the hazy smoke from the fire had caused breathing difficulties for the people who also fear of larger physical disabilities. The Indonesia Metrological agency BMKG confirmed "thick smoke distribution" in the area around the Jambi region. Koh Tieh Yong, Associate Professor of the Singapore University of Social Sciences talked about the reasons for the incident.

"In the smoke haze, the most abundant particles are around 1 micrometre in size, but these particles do not change the colour of the light we see. There are also smaller particles, around 0.05 micrometres or less, that don't make up a lot of the haze but are still somewhat more abundant during a haze period [than a normal non-haze period]... but this is enough to give an extra tendency to scatter red light more in the forward and backward directions than blue light - and that is why would you see more red than blue." BBC quoted Koh Tieh Yong as saying.

In fact, the major blame for the fire and haze is on big corporations and small-scale farmers who practice slash-and-burn method to clear vegetation for palm oil, pulp and paper plantations. Though Slash-and-burn is illegal in Indonesia, it is said that corruption and weak governance allow the process to continue in the country.

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