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Defamation notice issued against Rajinikanth over ‘Kaala’.

Actor Rajinikanth has been issued a defamation notice for using the name ‘Kaala Seth’ in his film ‘Kaala’, to be released on June 7. The notice, issued by a Mumbai-based advocate for his client named Jawahar Nadar, accuses the actor of distorting facts and defaming the personality of the client’s father, S Thiraviam Nadar, for ‘ulterior motives’.

The notice stated that S Thiraviam Nadar, who came to Mumbai from Thoothukudi in 1957 was nicknamed ‘Gudwala Seth’ and ‘Kaala Seth’. It added, “He always carried out legitimate businesses and never indulged in anything that was against the law.” Jawahar also accused the actor of deliberately trying to show Thiraviyam Nadar in the bad light to garner support among rich and upper castes.

Claiming that Thiraviam Nadar was seen as a Godfather by Tamil people in Mumbai, Jawahar said his father had a good relationship with people from every sphere in Mumbai. Jawahar demanded a written apology from the actor and also sought Rs 101 Crore for the damage caused to the reputation of his father and family.



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