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By Vaishvedhidha | May 15, 2019 01:54 PM

Dhoni has showed his excellency both in playing and in managing the team as a captain in international and IPL matches over the decade. Time and again many players have lauded Captain Cool.

Kohli talks about Dhoni

In an interview with Cricbuzz, Kohli revealed how he started off his career in the national team under Dhoni and has come really close to him in the past few years, later becoming the captain of the team.

“What can I say about him. My career started under him and few have seen him from so close over the last few years as I have. There's one thing about MS that's far more important than anything else - and there's a lot to him - for him, the team is always above everything else. It's always about the team, no matter what. To top it, look at the experience he brings to the squad and we're richer with it. Some of his dismissals behind the stumps, just recently too (in IPL), were match-changing,” said Kohli.

When talking about him facing a lot of criticisms, he said, "That's unfortunate. Honestly, I think people lack patience. An odd day here, a poor one there, and chatter becomes endless. But the fact is that MS Dhoni is among the smartest guys in the game. Behind the stumps, as I said, he's priceless. It gives me the freedom to do my thing. Someone like MS is around with a wealth of experience."