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Man from Dubai loses job after threatens to kil Kerala CM Pinarayi

According to reports, an Indian man working in Dubai lost his job after he threatened to kill Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan. Krishnakumar SN Nair reportedly threatened the CM in a Facebook video that went viral. Krishnakumar is reportedly a former RSS member who was working as a senior supervisor at a construction company in Dubai.


Krishnakumar reportedly said in his video, "I am a former RSS worker. I am going to be active again. I am resigning my job here and returning to Kerala. I am staying in Dubai. I will be in Kerala for 2-3 days with an aim to kill. It is time to sharpen old knives. I am least bothered how my life is going to end. If we decide to kill a person then we need to finish the job."


The man was immediately sacked from his job. Soon after losing his job, he reasoned that he wanted to kill the CM due to the apathy showed by the Kerala police towards Kerala television artiste. He reportedly apologised and said, "I have lost my job. I am ready to face any action. I remain an RSS supporter. I seek forgiveness from Pinarayi Vijayan and all politicians."

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