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Farmer\'s daughters plough field, instead of oxen in UP.

A farmer in Uttar Pradesh’ Jhansi district was forced to use his two teen daughters to plough their field to please the rain God. The poor farmer, Acheylal Aharwar, couldn’t afford to buy a tractor or a pair of oxen to plough their field.

The two daughters of the 60-year-old - Ravina and Shivani -  from Jhansi's Mauranipur were forced to pull the plough due to poverty. The two teenagers study in a village school and their family is under a huge debt.

The farmers in the Bundelkhand region are facing a severe shortage of rain. The elder daughter reportedly said, “We haven't received proper rainfall for four-five years now. So my sister and I have started ploughing the field so that we can please Indra (God of rain) and he can shower his blessings on us and we can have a good harvest.”



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