Kick 2 (aka) Kick songs review


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Album Release Date : May 09,2015
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Production: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
Cast: Rakul Preet Singh, Ravi Teja
Direction: Surender Reddy
Screenplay: Surender Reddy
Story: Surender Reddy
Music: Thaman
Background score: Thaman
Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa

Kick 2 is a promising entertainer starring Ravi Teja and Rakul Preet Singh in lead roles. It is the second offering from the successful team of Ravi Teja- Surender Reddy and Thaman.

Singers: Bombay Bhole
Lyrics: Bhole

A peculiar introduction song paves for high voltage beginnings of this entertaining album. The funky lyrics speak of the hero’s attitude, making no mistakes and the Hip-Hop beats, add effervescent layers to the overall composition. The hilarious sounding trumpets make their presence felt in great timing and perfection. The overall impact of the song is quite thumping and entertaining in right balance.

Nuvve Nuvve
Singers: Jonita Gandhi, SS Thaman
Lyrics: Varikuppala Yadigiri

A trendy duet sung by the very talented Jonita Gandhi along with the composer Thaman himself has a good blend of tabla, guitar strums and meditative chord progression. The rhythm section takes a summer siesta for this track and offers more room for folk styled flute and strings!

Janda Pai Kapiraju
Singers: Deepak Nivas, Divya Kumar, Hanumantha Rao, Jonita Gandhi, Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Sri Mani

A mélange of music and philosophy with a masterful balance arrives next with impressive lyrics by Sri Mani. However, it is the eerie sounding electric guitar riff which acts as a driving factor for this challenging track. The interludes are confidently laced around classical sounding Sitar and master strokes of Ghatam as well. There is a breathtaking serenity associated with this track that makes it compelling.

Masthani Masthani
Singers: Deepak, Mansi
Lyrics: Varikuppala Yadigiri

This is a typical Thaman signature composition where the percussions speak more than the lead vocals. The composer freaks out at his biggest strength- that is timely usage of a plethora of rhythmic variations. Deepak and Mansi offer their dominant vocals, which make their presence felt even in such rhythm based song. 

Temple Song
Singers: Monisha, Nivas, Rahul Nambiar, Sanjana
Lyrics: Sri Mani

The album shifts gears to trance mode with great variety and gripping chord progression next. The laid back chorus speaks of living life with hope penned by the master lyricist Sri Mani. Nivas and Rahul Nambiar in particular, sound class apart in terms of their excellent vocals. Perhaps after ages, Thaman is growing out of the branded image of composing heavy sounding songs with a short yet sweet composition like this.

Singers: Simha, Spoorthi
Lyrics: Kaasarla Shyam

The grand finale celebrates with a hard hitting folk number having instantly likeable percussions and enjoyable bass work.  Simha joins the party with his cool vocals leading to a contrasting interlude with Far East styled flute. In short, this track follows the regular Tollywood item song format with no flaws at all!

Verdict: Kick 2 is an effortlessly trendy album from the successful trio Ravi Teja- Surender Reddy- Thaman.
( 3.0 / 5.0 )


Kick 2 (aka) Kick

Kick 2 (aka) Kick is a Telugu movie with production by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, direction by Surender Reddy, cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa. The cast of Kick 2 (aka) Kick includes Rakul Preet Singh, Ravi Teja.