Kick - Visitor Review

Kick - Visitor Review

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I would like to share my thoughts about Kick. I am not going to disclose the story (well, the movie following group knows it’s a remake of Telugu film by the same name, which was already remade in Tamil as, why bother explaining the story). There are different types of movie going audience. People who love only commercial movies, people who love only realistic movies, people who are not bound by any specific category….. and the list goes on. Though the categories are many, the primary expectation of a movie going audience is for him/her to feel the worth of the ticket cost paid and KICK does just that.


There is a general notion that remake movies are not worth the money. Honestly though, in this case, the original Telugu movie did not deserve the success it actually got. The major pulling factor was RAVI TEJA, for whom the script was tailor made and coupled with his antics, it reached the mass people. Now, when you try to remake a story/script made for a specific actor and cast an actor like SALMAN KHAN in it, the stakes are high. Chances of faltering are more. But producer SAJID NADIADWALA, who debuts with this film as a director has done a tremendous job of pulling it off.


When a film is remade, comparisons are inevitable. One of the reasons, why the Tamil remake did not do well was that it was a Xerox copy of the original. However, in the Hindi version, though the plot remains the same, the script has been modified beautifully to suit the audience. After watching the Hindi version, you will feel that some glaring defects in the original have been superbly avoided, though it has its own set of defects. But who cares…after all, it’s a commercial movie. As long as the money’s worth is there, no complaints whatsoever.


Another highlight of this movie is the casting  – There are quite a few actors, who otherwise would have been in movies directed only by Anurag Kashyap/Tigmanshu Dhulia – like Randeep Hooda & Nawazzudin Siddiqui. Nawazzudin, in particular was most enjoyable in his villainy. This is one of the major differences from the original. Unlike the original, here the villain is serious, though he keeps the audiences in splits with his dialogue delivery and timing. In the original, every other character, apart from the main lead was made to look as buffoons. But, here, though buffoonery exists, its very much tolerable. The comic portion has been restricted to minimum in this remake as compared to the original, where we had specialist comedians performing an almost full-fledged role as of the main lead.


Salman, for a change, has been showcased with his shirts on, especially during fight sequences. However, it would be better if he reduces his weight as he looks unnecessarily very hefty in some scenes. Salman was mostly loved for his roles in romantic movies and we were able to see a glimpse of that Salman in this movie. Compared to his recent movies, this movie has suited him very well. Overall, it’s a very good time-pass and definitely worth the money you pay for this movie ticket.


B K Tou

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