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Ajith in Tamil, likewise it's Mahesh Babu in Telugu! ...

Ajith in Tamil, likewise it's Mahesh Babu in Telugu!

Feb 26, 2015
Netizens are a major component of the overall fan-base actors and heroes tend to enjoy. Specially in online social media spaces like FB and Twitter, there are exclusive fan pages completely dedicated by fans to their favorite stars.
In recent times, our Behindwoods official FB page had an online poll conducted for 'The star with the best screen presence' and Thala won by a large margin. Adding to that, sometime back, not leaving out the highly popular Tollywood heroes, we had a poll for 'Who is your favorite Telugu star ' among front-runners like Pawan Kalyan, Ravi Teja, Mahesh Babu, NTR, Prabhas, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan Teja and Gopichand. 
From 8 contenders, the Prince of Tollywood, Mahesh Babu is the stupendous winner with 2933 odd people opting for him, overtaking Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Craze among girls and the jaw-dropping looks have apparently favoured Mahesh in the poll. The second best is Bunny, i.e. Allu Arjun. For his impeccable dance and dialogue delivery, he has got 2166 votes.
This poll saw widespread participation and garnered massive response in the online space. The results, as on 3 PM, Feb 26th are as follows !
1. Mahesh Babu- 2933
2. Allu Arjun- 2166
3. Prabhas- 1727
4. NTR- 1372
5. Ram Charan Teja- 1344
6. Pawan Kalyan- 977
7. Gopichand- 473
8. Ravi Teja- 455


Ajith in Tamil, likewise it's Mahesh Babu in Telugu! ...

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