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Vallamai Thaaraayo Vallamai Thaaraayo
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
Parthiban's films are generally different and rather offbeat and are always anticipated with quite a bit of curiosity. This album too, is a curiosity of sorts! There's an old-world feel to the songs. The instrumental portions have been deliberately toned down and lyrics have been given prominence. And we have a whopping ten songs in the album! Baradwaj has scored the music for the movie.
Vallamai Thaaraayo

Vallamai Thaaraayo
Vocals: Baradwaj

Plaintive opening in what appears to be raag Sivaranjani. Soft beats and softer articulation from the flute. Both quite enjoyable.

Vallamai Thaaraayo
En Veettil
Lyrics: Snehan, Vocals: Srinivas, Jaya Rajagopal

Starts off more like a nursery rhyme. Affectionate intimate exchanges between husband and wife have been framed softly with music. Lyrics have a mischievous glint to them and we can visualize Parthiban mouthing them effortlessly!

The musical interludes are soft and rhythms have been nicely interwoven. Vaguely recalls an old Hindi song 'Ek me aur ek thu' and a couple of Tamil songs, too. But the song also has the feel of 'Vasana kavidhai'.

Lyrics: P.Vijay, Vocals: Anuradha Sriram

Achingly reminds you of old songs of A.M.Rajah and Jikki! Anuradha's voice carries the laughter and sense of fun normally found in Asha's voice. But sometimes it wobbles too! Highlights the genuine happiness experienced by a woman-in-love and what adds to the charm of the song is the lovely use of stringed instruments and shehnai. They surround you like a gentle swirl and work magic.

Lyrics: Andal Priyadarshini, Vocals: Janani Baradwaj, Jaya and Baradwaj

A.Priyadarshini is a well known Tamil poet and it’s nice to know that she has penned two lyrics for the movie. A fine opening piece

in Nagaswaram followed by delightful Kolattam sounds that mingle with other instruments. The rhythms have been carefully chosen to blend well with this traditional dance concept. Well-planned vigorous dance steps should add visual delight. Foot-tapping fast music with the kolattam sounds never far away. There is a nice interlude with a couple of ragas that get touched upon. Like Kadana Kudoogalam. Reflects a jolly celebration!

Mangalam Pongidum Dhinam

Lyrics: Kamakotiyan, Vocals: SPB

It is always a pleasure to listen to SPB and this song is no exception. How beautifully he imparts a personal touch to all that he sings! The song seems to be an auspicious 'Laali' that's sung in marriages, of course with modern lyrics. A sentimental celebration of marriage and all the high philosophy that goes with it--like harmony and meeting of minds! Nagaswaram and violins add the right touch of gaiety. Again reminds you of an Ilayaraja song!

Aayiram Vanavil

Lyrics: Andal Priyadarshini, Vocals: Chinmayee

Now this is one song that blends well with the rhythm. Percussion instruments have been used with telling effect. They seem to dictate the very mood of the song. Conveys a rather upbeat carefree mood of the lady singing it. Wherever words like'vanambadi' 'siragu' 'parappene' have been used, Chinmayee's voice also soars attractively. Well sung.

Megam Illamal

Lyrics: P.Vijay, Vocals: Baradwaj

This song is, well, a bit funny. Words have been thrust into what can be called techno-music and together they make for an indifferent listening experience. Conveys a lot of sorrow and heartburn and some kind of communication breakdown but melody seems to have been bypassed!

Vallamai Thaaraayo

Lyrics: Kamakotiyan, Vocals: Suchitra Raman, Baradwaj

Lovely opening bars. Such a relief to hear tabla, flute and other allied instruments. Appears to be a supplication to the Divine powers to grant strength. Do we hear strains of Sriranjani raga? Suchitra could be just a tad less strident in her articulation of words. The piece has a pleasing Hindustani feel to it.

Unnaithan, Unnaithan

Lyrics: P.Vijay, Vocals: Baradwaj

Well, Baradwaj's voice lacks the emotional appeal that Anuradha conveyed because we've already heard her sing the song. Otherwise a fair rendering. Blues-music like humming accentuates the man's yearning for his lady.

Aayiram vanavil

Vocals: Nithyashree

Song no. 6 now sung by Nithyashree. Nithyashree effortlessly portrays a myriad shades of emotions in this song, being the experienced singer that she is.'Vanambadi' is articulated with a lovely tremulousness as are many other words. A delicate poignant mood can be felt here.


An interesting album, really , but it will take time to grow on you. Sometimes the music appears like an afterthought with the lyrics taking prominence. One does wonder if the cadence suffers slightly. With so many songs thrown in, one only fondly hopes that the movie itself does not sag under the weight of all the songs!

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