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Nepali Nepali
Nepali: Music review
Appears to be a thriller where actor Bharath dons three roles. The female lead is played by the talented actress Meera Jasmine. Five regular songs and three small instrumental compositions. The songs have a heavy western feel to them.

Lyrics: Yugabharathy, Vocals: Karthik, Bombay Jayashree, V.Z.Dhurai, Saveetha, Suchitra

The piece opens with a small dialogue between the lead pair.
A light, teasing one that sets the tempo for some languorous music to follow later. The lyrics are sensuous. The male voice is high-pitched and is soothingly offset by the seductive, low voice of Jayashree hinting at dark passions. Lovely sax interludes and delicate assortment of sounds are very suggestive. One can almost imagine the leisurely progress of passion.

Wanna Become A Lady Bomb:

Lyrics: Karthik Netha, Vocals: Sunitha Sarathy, Megha and chorus

The singer's voice is very vibrant and aligns perfectly with the stringed instruments and the words also flow along well with the beats. Lovely use of rhythms. Sexy intonation.

Hey--you--wow :
Lyrics: Vijaya Sagar, Vocals: Tanvi, V.Z.Dhurai, Siva and chorus

Quite a fast-paced number. Plenty of English words thrown in. The song seems to be a celebration of passion and the guitar. These sounds add to the general mood. A shorter song.

Kanavile Kanavile:

Lyrics: Yugabharathy, Vocals: Sathyan, Gireesh, Swetha

A high-pitched start. Alternated with low-pitched passages. Lovely lyrics, visualizing love. Many tactile images are blended in.

Suthudhe, Suthudhe:
Lyrics: Karthik Netha, Vocals: Yugendran, Vijay and chorus

Funnily, recalls some old songs tuned by Ilayaraja and M.S.V. The song has a discotheque, strobe light feel to it. Funky but somewhat banal lyrics! Heavy relentless rhythms. A slightly longer duration lessens its charm. One that gets the feeling that it is a song played out closer to the climax. Good visuals can enhance its chances at the audio charts

The last three tracks are, interestingly, instrumental (with a few voices in the background).

The Words of Nepali:

Is it a flashback? Is the character of Nepali being introduced? The male voice comes across as dark and brooding and the female voice is plaintive. The words are unintelligible. The movie alone can explain it. Eerie and different.

Love in A (minor):

Delicate opening strains dovetail neatly into a waltz rhythm. Lovely, pensive music and nice use of flute and trumpet. Stays long in the mind after it ends. Heavily inspired by Quentin Tarantino kind of music.

Sound of action:

The sound of a siren runs as a connecting thread through some small movements. Interesting - and it recalls a seventies’ chase sequence.

Verdict: The album, clearly targeted at young people is a worthy attempt. The music also seems to be composed to be in sync with the narrative. So a good showing at the box office would in turn propel the audio to a greater level.

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