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Yaradee Nee Mohini Yaradee Nee Mohini
Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Music review
The Yuvan-Selvaraghavan team (the latter only as scriptwriter this time) has been a winning combination every time they have come together. Success is one of the hardest things to replicate and this time the bar has fallen a bit. This is not to say that Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a bad album, just that it fails to meet the usual standards of a Yuvan-Selvaraghavan combo. The focus is apparently on melody and there seems to be a conscious effort to make songs that blend into the
Yaradee Nee Mohini
narrative, perhaps the songs will come into their own when one sees the visuals. The numbers don’t seem to call for large sets and back up dancers.

Engeyo paartha mayakkam -
Udit Narayan

Slow and mellow may be the best words to describe this song. More like a poem than a song, tweaked a bit to fit into the framework of a tune. The graph holds steady - from its opening to the close of the song’s 4 minute duration. Udit Narayan seems comfortable, soft romantic numbers being familiar ground to him. His Tamil diction has grown in leaps and bounds, though there are still areas that could do with improvement. Easy on the ears, smooth and polished, will depend on the choreography to push it to the ‘special’ status.

Yaradee Nee Mohini
Oh Baby - Haricharan, Naveen, Andre

The opening Spanish style guitar and beats are infectious and will get your feet tapping even the first time you hear the song. The tempo is maintained consistently throughout with interesting instrumental interludes. The singers have done their job well, especially the female voice which has been given a different feel. The ending notes are a delight and make you linger on for a few seconds. A composition that rides on rhythm.

Oru Naalukkul - Karthik, Ritta

A 80s style melody intelligently mixed with trendy beats and orchestration to suit today’s tastes. Basically a melody, the tempo is lively and hummable. Nothing else to write about.

Nenjai kasaki - Suchithra, Udit Narayan

Maybe the only song in the album that hasn’t attempted melody, this one cannot be called a kuthu because its tempo is only around half that of normal Tamil cinema kuthu songs. The beats eventually get to you if you are patient enough for a few hearings. Suchithra lends a typical raunchy flavor through her rendition. The extended violin at the end is also something out of the usual. And, don’t be confused by the first minute - it is indeed a song.

Yaradee Nee Mohini
Venmegham ponnaga – Hariharan

This one is vintage 80s stuff in all aspects; even the lyrics are reminiscent of the period. A simple tune, no frills, relying mostly on Hariharans’s mastery over melody to carry it through, the song will put you in a contemplative mood. Will suit you if you have had a bad Valentine’s day. High on feelings.

Too early to give an outright verdict. This is certainly the kind of album that can be judged only after the movie releases. Yuvan has certainly worked creatively with the score to fit the parameters of the plot. Having said that, the fact remains that none of the five songs fully captivate us - not something we expect of Yuvan. To use the word ‘average’ would be harsh and to say ‘great’ would be generous: this sums up the music for Yaaradi Nee Mohini.

Verdict: Reserve opinion till the movie’s release.

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