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Arai En 305il Kadavul Kuruvi
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
This movie has kindled a lot of interest, primarily because this is Dharani's follow-up directorial venture with Vijay and Trisha after the smart, action packed super hit Ghilli. This ‘Action-Adventure’ also promises to be a scorcher, judging by the theme song and the unusually fast paced, rhythm oriented songs composed by the usually melody-conscious Vidyasagar!

(The name 'kuruvi' is a slang term used generally for persons who run contraband goods from country to country. Here,Vijay, the( unsuspecting ) hero ,who works for a courier company, gets trapped into performing the role of a kuruvi as a result of which he gets caught, and his jailed. How he extricates himself from all the charges thrown against him forms the major part of the story).

Six songs have been tuned by Vidyasagar.

Happy New Year
Lyrics: N.Muthukumar, Vocals: Sunidhi Chauhan,Yogi B, Dr.Burn

Seems to be a celebration of New Year. A peppy fusion of rap and regular foot-tapping music. Sunidhi leaves you breathless with her vocal power. Yogi.B's stylish rapping is fun to listen to! Apart from the Tamil phrases, we hear some others too which we don't quite comprehend. Is it Malay? No clue! The refrain 'Taanaane Tannanaane' makes you want to shake your hips too!

Dandaana Darna

Lyrics: Kabilan, Vocals: Sangith Altipur.

The singer has a vibrant voice. The song is very fast paced. You can almost visualize Vijay doing all the complicated steps this song demands! The lyrics reflect the very sentiments that Vijay easily identifies himself with---bonding with the masses! The slightly unsophisticated down-to-earth person that he wants to project himself as comes through here. The message' I'm good as long as you don't mess with me' (which probably is central to this story) is brought out in this song.

Thaen thaen thaen
Lyrics: Yugabarathi, Vocals: Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghosal.

A melodious duet evidently picturised with Vijay and Trisha. Possibly filmed in New Zealand. The soft romantic sentiments running through the song have been sensitively tuned to dreamy beats. Some respite for the ears now! Udit sings with his usual joie-de-vivre (in his accented Tamil, of course). Shreya deserves a very big pat for her pukka pronunciation. She is a joy to listen to. The instrumental interludes tease and cajole and some vague notes akin to Scottish pipes are very pleasing.

Palaanadhu, Palaanadhu

Lyrics: P.Vijay, Vocals: Vidyasagar, S.Rajalakshmi

A song that cannot be definitely categorized! Some strains of Sufi music, some Arabic notes, some Bhangra stuff have all been blended in. The female voice packs quite a punch. Insipid verses from P. Vijay- which is surprising. The instruments drown out the words.

Theme Music
Lyrics: N.Muthukumar, Vocals: Pravin Mani, Dr.Burn, Ranina, Suvi

Probably forms the backdrop to the 'escapades and chases' that are a part of this movie. Features varied rhythms and some

complex music. Use of electric guitar adds to the sense of speed and thrill.

Mozha mozhannu

Lyrics: P.Vijay, Vocals: K.K. , Anuradha Sriram

Funny words that grab your attention at the start. What is 'Mozha, mozha' supposed to convey? A slow start that breaks out into a speedy rendition. Anuradha brings her own brand of 'rocking sexiness' to the song. Words that suggest a lot of swirling movement are strewn throughout the lyric. Gay abandon is what the song conveys. But quite noisy, too. 'Smoke on the Water' by Deep Purple seems to cross your mind!


Vidyasagar seems to have reinvented himself as a fairly noisy composer here! The metallic twang that accompanies the songs is not too pleasant. Maybe the plot calls for such treatment, but you come away wondering whether Vidyasagar heartily relished doing this. The idea seems to have been to give whatever was expected out of the Ghilli team.

For the masses, by the masses.

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