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Dhaam Dhoom Dhaam Dhoom
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
This film is anticipated with a tinge of sadness by film buffs, because of the tragedy of Jeeva's death almost three-quarters of the way through the film. He had completed all but two songs and a few scenes at that point. Perfectionist that he was, he had even scripted the camera angles for the two songs which his assistant came to know later! His mentor P.C.Sriram and his widow Aneez, teamed together to complete the movie. The Jeeva-
Dhaam Dhoom

Harris combo had always worked magic before, with 12-B, Unnale Unnale, and Ullam Ketkudhe. In this movie, Jayam Ravi, a student of medicine, falls for a lovely village belle, played by Kangna Ranaut. A medical conference takes him to Russia where he gets entangled in a bloody conspiracy. How he escapes forms the main part of the story. According to Jeeva, 'Dhaam' is all village stuff and 'Dhoom' is all action and escapades!

Six songs have been set to tune by Harris Jayaraj here. What hits us after we listen to the CD is the awareness that a complex variety of beats have been used throughout, and the realization that all the string instruments used here have been very delicately blended into the songs; they seem to 'twinkle-toe' their way through the album. A lot of mixing, but to pleasant effect!

Pudhu Pudhu
Lyrics: P. Vijay, Vocals: Benny Dayal, Guna (Malaysia) Suchitra

Some innovative rapping here. But rendered in flat tones. Suchitra pants adequately! Recalls disco dances of those days. The beat is interesting, though.

Dhaam Dhoom
Lyrics: P. Vijay, Vocals: Krish, Bombay Jayashree

This is an evocative love duet. Single words moving along the beats create a mild haunting mood. Interludes of orally rendered beats are quite breezy. Do they sing this song face to face or are they wishing for one another's presence? Stylish cinematography can deepen the listening experience.

Anbe en Anbe

Lyrics: N. Muthukumar, Vocals: Harish Ragavendra

This song has been beautifully sung by Harish. The opening piece is very catchy. The musical interludes are very aesthetically presented. Along with the humming of female voices. A rather suggestive sprinkling of santoor, violin and sitar adds to the joy. The delicate tinkling sounds stay on in your ears even after you move on to the next song.

Dhikku Dhikku
Lyrics: P. Vijay, Vocals: Benny Dayal, Sayanora Philip

The very different beats at the start make you sit up right away! A song of passion sung expressively by Benny Dayal. Sitar and santoor combine to scintillate here. A stream of ascending and descending notes, words and beats blend together rather nicely.


Lyrics: N. Muthukumar, Vocals: Haricharan

Looks like a song of yearning. The beats are much softer and go so well with the sentiments expressed. The easy-flowing lyrics are quite nice too! Haricharan breezes through the song. Many delicate sounds have been woven into the background --as if upping their volume could shatter the delicate passion conveyed here.

Uyyalaalo, Uyyalaalo

Lyrics: P.Vijay, Vocals: Kailash Kher, Sujatha

Truly, the piece-de-resistance of the album. A very carefree, joyful rendition with yet another lovely beat. The carefully articulated use of Sarangi is simply delightful!! It seems to speak a language of its own. So with the flute. Kailash Kher's voice has a slightly abrasive touch to it which adds to the general ' village' atmosphere of the song. Sujatha employs the right teasing voice.


Clearly a master craftsman is at work here. A nice sophistication prevails through the whole album. No sound hurts your ears. If the film wins good reviews, the songs may play a big part in it.

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