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Thiruvannamalai Thiruvannamalai
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Thiruvannamalai: Produced by Pushpa Kandasamy of Kavithalaya . Directed by Perarasu (of Tirupacchi fame- in fact he names his movies after Tamilnadu towns) and starring ‘Action King’ Arjun, Tanya Vakil, Perarasu( who generally does cameo roles in his movies) Karunas, Saikumar and others. Srikant Deva has composed the music and there are 6 songs featured here. What has he to offer now?

Kaadai, Kauthare...
Vocals: Maghi, Renuka, Senthil Das

A very short number, a folksy ‘narikkurava’ number. Does the hero sing it as he masquerades as one?

Amma Maare...
Vocals: Pushpavam Kuppusamy, Suchitra Raman

A fast- paced native number right up Srikant Deva’s alley. Fine nagaswaram, breathless thavil-udukkai combination give it a folksy feel. Interesting to see Mayamalava gowla raga being used with such a folksy twist. Pushpavanam Kuppusamy is just the man to carry this off with élan! Suchitra keeps up too. But the song itself seems to be a mish-mash of many old melodies!

Om Siva Siva
Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan

A cute little ditty straight from the heart extolling the primordial greatness of Tiruvannamalai itself. Neat execution by Mahadevan. The upper notes’ ma’ ‘pa’ ‘dha’ do not seem to have been used. Only ‘sa’ ‘ri’ ‘ga’ and ‘ni’

Solla Solla...
Vocals: Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam

The oft-repeated ‘sugame’ in the song is true of the song itself. Some good bits of violin with keys and some guitar is what we get to hear in this duet. Of course with Hariharan and Sadhana around, the sugam effect is enhanced. The piece seems to be based on the Natabairavi scale

Adi yaei
Vocals: Udit Narayan, Suchitra

Some guts Srikant Deva has, pulling in Udit to sing in such a native dialect! The whole song becomes an exercise in fun! The opening guitar piece leads to nagaswaram later on.Some very lively use of native rhythms, sometimes attractively with flute. Don’t miss the stylish roll of drums here and there in the song. And the way the song winds up with instruments coming together in different sruthis! Again an ‘aviyal’ of some old numbers! But fun too!

Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan

Another emotional number in praise of Lord Shiva of Tiruvannamalai. Based on Thodi raga and has all the ‘temple related’ sounds built into it—like bells, shankha and drums. Very well sung by Mahadevan. But is the word’ Namassivaya’ pronounced right? You hear ‘Namacchivaya’ all the time. A softer articulation would have been exact.


Srikant Deva brings in his usual brand of liveliness into the album. One really hopes he keeps expanding on his creativity and does not take the easy way out by mixing and matching old melodies often. The mountain itself seems to be a metaphor for something in the movie. If Arjun’s natty briskness is well exploited, then the songs may not sink.

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