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Aegan Aegan
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Aegan: Produced by K.Karunamurthi and actor C.Arunpandian. Directed by Raju Sundaram.

Starring’ Ultimate Star’ Ajith, Nayantara, Suman, Nasser, Jayaram,Suhasini, M.S.Baskar and others. The film itself is supposed to be a remake of ‘Main Hoon Na’ and was touted as a ‘musical action comedy’(!). Ajith pairs up with Nayan after Billa here. Aegan is supposed to mean Lord Shiva. The film has been shot in many


locales—Hong Kong, Theni, Ooty , Chennai etc, with the songs to be filmed in Australia, England and New Zealand. Yuvan Shankar Raja has scored the music for this and he seems to have given a different feel to the songs this time. The audio launch itself was done in a unique manner from Hello FM Studios, the first of its kind for a movie. Let us see how many other surprises the album has for us. The sales figures have been dramatic so far!!

We have 5 plus one remix song in the album.

Hey Saalaa

Vocals: BlaaZe, Naresh Iyyar, Mohd .Aslam.

Starts off with ‘Aram Porul, Inbam’ and goes on to explode into a catchy beat. Some vigorous vocals from all the singers, considering this is the title song. Talks basically about the exploding world of knowledge, eternal newness of things and fast paced life of today. Seems to be in the hip-hop mode in general. Though keys dominate the song, there is a fine bit of flute and shehnai towards the end which catches you unawares! And the breathless hip hop stuff belted out at the very end generates a grin! ‘Nee Podu Semma Beat’ goes the song. Yes, exactly! And we have another word entering the tamil film lexicon—saalaa!

Vocals: Suvi,Ujjaini,Sathyan,Ranjith, Naveen

The beats are so very ‘Michael Jackson’. A college-goer’s song, out and out! With the right kind of vocabulary too( read English words). The ‘maro maro’ song from ‘Boys’ floats into your mind as you listen. The song itself appears to be a fun mix of pop and gaana. Nice use of strings and a sudden varied use of drum beats 3 minutes into the song livens it up. A rather melodic tune slightly distorted by stuffing it into a heavy rhythm. Seems to be catching up with the youth already.

Hey Baby---
Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan

Aahh, this song with a ‘jazz and blues’ touch comes across as a nice relief after all the thumping rhythms. Lovely use of trumpets but fabulous use of piano keys! Whenever the wind instruments and drums combine, it is delightful. And a nice flighty flute passage too! A song of baiting ,cajoling and teasing which is right up Shankar’s alley! ‘Chinnach Chinnathaai Paar’ is articulated in a cute fashion. What is the slight pitch variation at the end supposed to achieve?

Odum Varaiyil---
Vocals: KK, Bela Shende

Peppy life affirming lyrics from the male singer to begin with. But the lady singer takes off on a different sentiment! And the male joins in later. Cannot be strictly termed a love duet. Bela’s voice soars like a lark when she sings and the subdued vocal humming in the background is interesting. We have some keys, electric guitar and acoustic ones here, but all are ground under the heavy rhythms. Definitely, a different kind of a song and may take time to catch up.

Kichu Kichu---

Vocals: Vasundhara Das, Yuvan Shankar Raja

This is quite an intriguing song and has been put together very well. Though we have a distinct Arabian touch to it, the refrain (female chorus) is soothing. And when Vasundhara takes off from the chorus, it feels slightly different from what we expect. And Yuvan has combined smoothly with her voice. The instruments are difficult to identify separately, but the violin and cello-like sounds add a soft sensuality . The up-and-down cadence of the whole song itself is as sensuous as the catty’ meow’ that rounds off each passage! Vasundhara Das is absolutely classy!

Hey Saalaa— is just a repeat version of song one.


This album is rather difficult to classify, going by the previous ones brought out by Yuvan. But he has gone on record saying that he decided on such a score because that was what the script itself demanded. One feels it could be a see-saw album with the listening public, few might adore it, few might completely detest it. Ajith fans are likely to lap it up happily as trendsetting, whereas music purists could be in for some shock.

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