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Guru En Aalu Guru En Aalu
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Produced by K.R.Gangadharan. Directed by Selvah. Starring Madhavan, Mamta Mohandas, Abbas, Vivek, M.S.Bhaskar, Raja, Mayilsami and others. The movie is a lighthearted comedy with a convoluted plot. Maddy and Mamta are two ambitious youngsters who want to make it big on the corporate ladder. Abbas is their boss with a roving eye who wants to trap Mamta and uses Maddy as a go-between. Meanwhile, Maddy and Mamta fall in love and plot
Guru En Aalu

to outwit Abbas. The film is adapted from Aziz Mirza’s ‘Yes Boss’. Srikanth Deva has composed music for this film which has six songs. What has he offered?

Vaanam Vandhu---

Vocals: Krish
Lyrics: P.Vijay

The opening bars are a riot, transporting us to the old, old songs of Bagavathar! A song expressing warm birthday wishes to a pretty lady ( probably the heroine?). A simple cadence and the periodic church-bell like sounds add sweetness. The guitar interludes are quite breezy. Krish is as easy on the ears as ever.

Guru En Aalu
Chellame en Chellame---
Vocals: Udit Narayan
Lyrics: P.Vijay

An intriguing song in the sense that the interludes have sharp gliding notes. Be it the violins (lovely), trumpet or the flute, they are a trifle dramatic. Is Abbas singing it? Basically a song of passion and umpteen promises! And sung as joyfully as ever by Udit, never mind the ‘mazhalai’ touch he brings to his songs! The way the refrain’ vaa,vaa,vaa’ or ‘naan,naan,naan’ dovetails with the vocal chorus is neat.

Vocals: Benny Dayal
Lyrics: Pazhanibharathi

A really fine, fun rendering by Benny Dayal! Nice to hear him sing so neatly. Rhythms and some tongue-in-cheek sax interludes dominate this song, which has our hero Maddy articulating all his audacious ambitions .Cute lyrics from Pazhanibarathy. A sudden take-off on ‘Kadhal malarkkoottam onru’ in the second interlude is so funny. These touches are becoming a trademark of Srikant Deva. One seriously hopes this song has been picturised with all the impish humour it projects.

Kadhal Kannadiyil---
Vocals: Prasanna Rao, Sadhana Sargam
Lyrics: Kabilan

This song wafts along in the waltz mode and we have some imaginative violins and veena drenching our ears with soft notes. Of course quite a few hindi songs race through our minds as we listen. Not an original composition but is redeemed by the sweet singing of both the singers.

Alai Payudhe--

Vocals: Karthik, Ranjith, Swetha, Nrithya
Lyrics: P.Vijay

An odd song, this, with distinct middle eastern notes being tucked into a western beat like the way you fold a soufflé mixture !! to add to the fun the song takes a native tint after the second music interlude. Gamely sung by all the singers. It is fun to see the violin tweak out the ‘Arabian’ sangatis and the violin flash at the end is stylish too. Srikant Deva has some thanking to do here—Ilayaraja and MSV for the basic inspiration.

Kadhal Kolagalam---
Vocals: Rakeep
Lyrics: Kabilan

Seems to have been inspired by the quwwali tradition! Now, wait a minute, have’nt we heard something like this from Anup Jalota already? So be it! A small unpretentious song, soft and cool, but badly pronounced.


There’s some consolation for Srikant Deva fans here, after his forgettable ‘Perumaal’ output. Some colourful music pieces delight us. So do the soft numbers. The underlying aspect of the album is a certain amount of breeziness, dictated possibly by the movie!

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