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Perumal Perumal
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Directed by Vincent Selva. Starring Sundar.C, Namitha, Vivek and Meenakshi, Music Director Srikanth Deva.

Kabilan has written the lyrics for the movie with Srikanth Deva tuning the songs. Songs for Sundar’s movies are generally put together in a rather cavalier fashion and they appeal more to the B and C centres, so to speak. Let us see what Srikanth Deva has in store for us.

Enna Enna Seyya…

Vocals: Sumangali

A ‘come hither’ song, probably conceived with Namitha’s oomph in mind! Sexy, suggestive lyrics and sung in a seductive voice by Sumangali. But what appeals in this song, thankfully, is the sprinkle of saxophone, trumpet, guitar and violin at regular intervals. ‘Enna Enna’ which goes’ sa ri ga ma—ga ri sa sa’(notes) is a pleasant opening. Looks like Karaharapriya raga.

Yaedacchum Solliduven…
Vocals: Anuradha Sriram

Now, this is an ‘Agmark’ Srikanth Deva song—a breezy ‘avial’ of some old folk melodies. You get to remember’ O rasikkum seemane ‘, ‘Azhagaana ponnuthaan’ and some others! Anuradha’s relish for such songs is very apparent in the way she’s warbled it! Some good thavil beats, trumpet sounds alone add colour to this. The song itself appears to be sung by a ‘lady pettai dadha’.

Yaen Kedutthey…

Vocals: Benny Dayal, Suchitra Raman

What on earth is Srikant Deva attempting to do here? This song has been heavily ‘inspired’ by the old MGR hit ‘Kumarippennin ullatthile’. In fact a few passages have been coolly lifted too. But the sax interludes are interesting as is the keyboard. Benny Dayal sounds surprisingly nasal! Suchitra has a pleasing high pitched voice. The same Sindubairavi raga could have been better used by the composer.

Enna Enna-Remix…
Vocals: Sumangali

This is just a remixed and rhythm oriented version of song no.1. The rhythm pads and drums come on strongly, robbing the piece of any melody.

Kadhal Vaibhogame
Vocals: Arivunidhi, S.Janaki

Another remix of the old ,very popular song of yesteryears. A jovial use of trumpets, native drums and ‘Thamukku’ enliven it. Janaki is such a pleasure to listen to.


Has Srikanth Deva forgotten the lovely piece he composed for ‘Thenavattu’-‘enge irundhai---‘? Why has he put together such a flippant album? Even if budget dictated his movies, this is not what one expects of him! Listeners have a right to expect more creativity from this composer.

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