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Pandhayam Pandhayam
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Directed by S.A.Chandrasekar. Starring Nithin Satya, Sindhu Tolani, Prakash Raj, Radhika, and Meghna Reddy.

Touted as a movie of ‘a Vijay fan’, it has Prakash Raj playing the part of an unscrupulous politician. The film itself revolves round the tussle between Prakash and Nithin, with Meghna providing the glamour quotient. Vijay Antony, of ‘Nakka Mukka’ fame has scored the music for this movie, which carries 5 songs. So what’s sensational here? Let us check it out.


Vocals: Balaji, Megha, Maya
Lyrics: Ceylon A.E.Manohar

A super hit song of yesteryears from Sri Lanka, the rights of which were acquired by this team and incorporated into the movie to target the college-goers. Not much by way of music except for some jaunty piped sounds, native drums, and a little guitar. The vocals are enthusiastic but the articulation could have been smoother instead of sounding laboured. The team seems to be banking on the success of this song, going by their ads.

Kadhal Theeviravathi …
Vocals: Jaidev, Vinaya
Lyrics: Priyan

The song portrays intense love itself as ‘theeviravatham’ and the imagery used is also in tune with the idea. The vocals are smooth, but somehow the lyrics lack easy cadence. We hear some keyboards, drums and guitar at the beginning and some nice violin and guitar sounds halfway through, but the song itself, with shades of Karaharapriya in it, refuses to lodge in your heart.


Vocals: Christopher, Ramya and chorus
Lyrics: Annamalai

Well, the lady mouthing the song almost comes off as an ‘Alpha Woman’ here, judging by the lyrics. A rather noisy number, fashioned like a pop song. The usual sounds of saxophone, drums, guitar and keyboards is what you hear, but could have been more melodious! Ramya has a strong voice.

Vocals: Nithesh Gopalan, Bellyraj, Dinesh, Vinitha
Lyrics: Gna.Robert

Oh no - another of those’ Middle-eastern feel’ numbers that seem to be crawling all over the place nowadays! Some lines are

unintelligible and the others that you can follow are bawdy. But a rather catchy tune in what appears to be Darbari-kanada raga. Even the instrumental interludes and the drums have a distinct Arabian feel to them.

Chinna Maamiye

Vocals: Christopher, Balaji ,Shoba Chandrasekhar and Vinaya
Lyrics: Ceylon A.E.Manohar, Eknaath

The old, original hit melody of Manohar has been ornamented with a few lines in English here and there. A jovial number with each singer belting out enthusiastically. Especially Shoba. Again, nothing much by way of music interludes except for some violin, keyboards and a little guitar. And of course drums. Conceived on the Natabairavi raga scale.


Well, Vijay Antony does not seem to have stretched himself in any manner here. The musical interpretation seems to lack depth. One cannot help feeling that even the original Sinhalese songs had more spirit and spontaneity to them. Maybe he will get to use more real instruments as time progresses. Let us wish him well.

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