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Poi Solla Porom
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Director Vijay is a student of Priyadarshan. Interestingly, the well-known Malayalam playback singer M.G.Sreekumar has composed the music for this film. There are 6 songs in the movie, the lyrics for all of which have been penned by N.Muthukumar.

Kannamoochi Attam…
Vocals: Karthik

The song is sober and has an easy rhythm, so like a nursery rhyme. Appears to console a
Poi Solla Porom

friend who has been defrauded and disillusioned. Not much of instruments deployed except some nice violins, a little flute and of course rhythm pads and keyboard. A surprisingly low-key use of Charukesi raga too. Smooth rendering by Karthik.

Poi Solla Porom
Oru Vaarthai Pesamal…
Vocals: Shreya Ghosal

A soft, melodic piece by a young girl whose heart has been captured by love. Again the rhythm is simple and the music, uncomplicated, consisting of keyboards and violin and a couple of other instruments towards the middle which sound like pipes. The song is peppered with handclaps which make it nice to listen to. Appears to be composed on the Harikamboji scale. Sung with the right amount of verve by Shreya.

Ulagame Naadaga Medai…

Vocals: Jaisey Gift

A very short song which carries the words’ Poi Solla Porom’ and which could be the theme song. A jaunty chord ’sa-sa-ni-sa-ni-dha-ni’ in the Karaharapriya scale has been used. The song itself justifies the use of lying if it is for a good (!) cause. The singer seems to have enjoyed himself here.

Indha Payanathil…
Vocals: Swetha

This song has some feel-good lyrics about reaching for the stars and achieving the impossible. Sankarabharanam raga (on the 2-kattai scale) has been used with an accent on melody. We get to hear, apart from the keyboard and guitar, some delicate ‘twinkling’

sounds ,a veena piece and a bright violin-drums combo piece towards the middle. And a little ghatam too for a few seconds. Swetha explores the higher octaves with effortless ease.

Gandhi Nottu Kaiyil

Vocals: Kailash Kher

Quite a funny song, this. Muthukumar bemoans the swindling ways of the world through well- written lyrics. “Yaemaandhu nee ninna unnai unakke vithiduvan” makes you laugh! A very folksy melody in Sindubairavi raga with the use of ‘native sounding’ drums, pipes and other salangai-like sounds. Kailash Kher’s articulation of words is slightly odd. Could appeal to the younger lot especially the lyrics.

Indha Payanathil…

Vocals: Ranjith

Same as song no.4. This time over we hear Ranjith sing it in a soft manner. ‘Vazhiyodu mattumalla valiyodum poraadu’ has the strains of a really high-pitched flute trailing it delicately, as if underlining the pain. You could easily miss it!


Well, Sreekumar seems to have given more weight to the lyrics than to the music in the album. There’s not much variety in the beats for the songs. And the interludes are soft, functional and minimal. Maybe one expects more from a man who has given many solid melodies himself?

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