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Kuselan Kuselan
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
Starring Rajinikanth, Nayanthara and Meena, with a host of regional actors, this bilingual (in Tamil and Telugu) blockbuster is adapted from the Malayalam movie Kadha Parayumbol. In his own inimitable style, Rajini essays the guest role Mammootty made famous in the recent Malayalam hit. And Rajini being Rajini, has more than a cameo role here.

The audio rights were bagged by Big Music for a never-heard-
Netru Indru Naalai

of-before 2.25 crores. This seems to have raised a lot of expectations among listeners. The soundtrack was released in a glittering function on 30th June.

A live performance of the songs is also being planned by Big Music. Two numbers from the album sing Rajini’s praise unreservedly, and also list his movies. Another touchingly commemorates the 75th anniversary of Tamil Cinema itself, in Vaali’s lyrics! G.V.Prakash, the composer, shows good promise.

Cinema, Cinema
Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan & chorus, Lyrics: Vaali

A majestic instrumental opening: Speaks of the way cinema gives form and shape to long forgotten names and figures ,like Karnan, Kattabomman etc; (why, even God, for that matter) and enriches our imagination. Vaali fondly recalls the employment generated for scores of people by way of group dancing and extras. And the kind of co operation that goes into bringing out a movie. The song also happily revels in the fame achieved by the Superstar, cutting across all layers of society! ‘Super staarum sooriyanum dhaan ulagam suttri’ is an impish line, truly! Seems to be based on Natabhairavi scale with the phrase’ paa saa nee dha’ employed attractively. Violins are very pleasingly used. A fitting tribute to the industry in Shankar Mahadevan’s passionate voice. Strong rhythms seem to cut into the smooth flow of the lyric.

Sollamma, Sollamma

Vocals: Hariharan, Sujatha, Ranjani, Pooja, Lyrics: P.Vijay

A pleasant surprise of a song, with lovely use of Pahadi strains. Paints a picture of happiness and love in the midst of gentle poverty. Wherever ghatam and flute combine, it is sheer delight! Mandolin and guitar also make their combined presence felt. Sujatha sings with feeling and a lot of polish. Hariharan is as sweet as ever, and the younger voices have been blended well, too. You need time to relish the intricate musical phrases scattered throughout this piece and the lyric itself. Could be a hit soon

Om Zaarere
Vocals: Daler Mehndi, Chitra, Sadhana Sargam, Lyrics: Vaali

A collection of Rajini movie titles have been strung together in this

song. The instrumental interludes have been programmed with Rajini’s unique walking style in mind, is what one feels! Who sings this on screen remains to be seen. Daler Mehndi sings with josh and of course a ‘northie’ pronounciation. The constant refrain’ om zaarere’ is quite catchy. Chitra and Sadhana Sargam combine effortlessly. The jandai vaadhyam at the end flows smoothly along with the typical Punjabi beat of the song.


Vocals: Shreya Ghosal & chorus, Lyrics: Dr.Kridhaya

A young woman’s ecstatic response to falling rain is what this song is all about. All the rain related sounds, like the’ plop’ of water, croaking of frogs have been blended in. The take-off’ sagamapamaaga’ is very lilting. Shreya delights with her spontaneity. Guitar and violin too sound very soothing with a base of Gambhira nattai for this song. The lyrics are just about smooth. Could have been better.

Vocals: Kailash Kher, V.V.Prasanna, Lyrics: Yugabarathy

A real hip-shaking, foot-tapping number which establishes the ‘Rahmanesque’ pedigree of G.V.Prakash. The song has a sufi-song rhythm to it which lingers on in your mind long after you’ve heard it. Appears to be based on Sindubhairavi, at least the song! The rhythm alone (Chatusra laghu) carries the song through and the other instruments are incidental. High pitched and low pitched renderings alternate. This song is another ode to Rajini and sings about his universal appeal .Could make it to the charts too.


G.V.Prakash has a natural talent for music composition. Being young (only 22) he seems to be naturally disposed towards strong rhythms over melodies, though he could have given what the film itself demanded here. One affectionately hopes that this young lad delight us with many more memorable songs in the years to come. A dedicated attempt from this young man!

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