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Subramaniapuram Subramaniapuram
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
Sasikumar, who has worked as assistant to Bala and Ameer, also essays a role in this movie. The story is set around Madurai. Subramaniapuram is probably a hamlet near Madurai and the movie is supposed to be a 'Retro Classic' based in the 1980s. What love does to a group of happy-go-lucky friends is what the story is all about. This was a common enough topic in the 80s' movies. James Vasanthan--yes the musician cum TV anchor--has tuned 5 songs for the movie. Well, how has he fared?

Kangal Irandaal
Lyrics: Thamarai, Vocals: Belly Raj, Deepa Miriam

A very delectable duet set in the raga Rithigowla. The opening bars are attractive and so is the humming! The exquisite pain associated with the act of falling in love is so gently conveyed by Thamarai's lyrics here. "Irulilum paditthida mudigirathe" is finely imaginative, with pleasing flute rendering. Don't miss out on the second interlude with western instruments which gives a melodious interpretation for the same raga!

Madura Kulunga
Lyrics: Yugabarathi, Vocals: Velmurugan, Suchitra, Madurai Banumathi & group

An ethnic package, so to speak. Probably sung at the time of the Temple car festival. Typical ethnic beats, vigorous Naiyandi Melam, and a surprise segment of Thappaattam enliven this song no end. Makes you recall karagam, colour candies, Merry-go- round wheels and what not! Again another interesting western interlude halfway through- that slides effortlessly into native beats. One hopes the song has been shot equally enthusiastically on celluloid!

Kadhal siluvaiyil
Lyrics: Yugabarathi, Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan

Nice usage of flute. And well sung by Shankar Mahadevan. Appears to express the pangs of love. What adds to the inner pain of the singer is the peculiar sombre beat selected for the song. Watch out for it. The phrases 'araindhaal ennai' and 'adaitthaal kannai' have been executed with minute 'sangatis' which make them delightful. The music is now subdued, and well put together.

Subramaniapuram: theme music.

Techno beats appear to be blended along with Indian percussion instruments. Though the synthesized music is heavy it is interesting to listen to because the beats keep varying quickly.

But, are so many varied beats necessary? Celebrates the importance of this hamlet as the 'thalainagaram' of other hamlets around it. Is life in Subramaniapuram as exciting as the theme song protrays? The film alone can tell!

Theneeril Snehitham

Vocals: Benny Dayal & group

Benny has a pleasant voice that can make any song attractive. But what is this kind of song doing in a retro film based out of Madurai? Plus, there's plenty of rapping in English! The lyrics don't even attempt to grab your attention. But nice measured beats add a pleasing touch.


James Vasanthan has put in a lot of thought into his compositions so as not to appear repetitive or stale. Yes, sometimes the music does appear tentative, but that will pass. Has the musician captured the '80s feel'? That would be difficult to answer because the period itself did not stand out for any specific musical trend as far as our films go. Wonder how he has done the re-recording? Let us welcome him with open arms.

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