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Jayamkondaan Jayamkondaan
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
T.G.Thyagarajan's ( Satyajothi) movies have always been appreciated for being very 'clean'. In that sense, this movie is also being happily looked forward to. The story seems to tackle the small conflicts that arise when the dreams and aspirations of the lead trio clash after their lives intertwine! Vidyasagar has scored six hummable songs for the movie.

Naan varaindhu vaittha
Vocals: Hariharan and Madhushree, Lyrics: Yugabharathi

The opening sarangi notes are gentle and suggest the mood of the song itself--that of longing. Fine expressive singing by Hariharan. The sarangi follows delightfully in places. Even the interludes have a rich depth to them. The song is basically about how love transforms the way you look at even mundane things. Hariharan lets each line taper off with a lovely' sangati' which should not be missed. The lady sings well too, but is sometimes high-pitched which could have been toned down.

Orey oru naal
Vocals: Benny Dayal, Lyrics: Vaali

In a way this song offers an explanation for the title of the movie. Vaali stresses the need to reinvent oneself continually to enjoy life in all its true colours. Light-hearted singing by Benny Dayal. The song has a heavy rhythm orientation to it. The instruments could have been just a tad softer. Maybe this is a dance item. And Vaali has crafted the song so well that it stands up to the rigorous beat.

Ullasa ulagam

Vocals: Tippu, Lyrics: Marudhakasi

This is a remixed version of an old song composed by Marudhakasi. The remix has been done by Pravin Mani. The song comes off very pleasant mainly because of Tippu's fine and lovely articulation. And the limited use of instruments. A rather short number ,running for two and odd minutes!

Vocals: Karthik, Lyrics: Vaali

Instruments like the guitar, flute etc; have been used in a 'tinkling' fashion to suggest the actual 'pitter patter' of raindrops themselves! The lyrics seem to evoke a mood of simple nostalgia. Karthik has sung it well too, as he usually does. This song takes a little time to grow on you. Could move into the charts soon.

Adhai koodavaa

Vocals: Sriram Parthasarathy, Lyrics: Kabilan

A very melodious song with equally pleasing violin accompaniment. The singer seems to tenderly recall some past incidents .With their high-pitched movement, the instruments also seem to join in this' seeking' so to speak! The beats, somewhat urgent in their articulation, appear as if they too want to jolt the memories of the listener. An effortless rendering by Sriram Parthasarathy.

Suttrivarum boomi
Vocals: Sadhana Sargam, Lyrics: N.Muthukumar

A light number by Sadhana Sargam. The ambitious outpourings of a young girl who thinks the world is her oyster! 'Koyamputhur kusumbu, Kovilpatti thimiru' are funny generalizations and one hopes no one takes offence to them! Sadhana is her melodious self. The refrain' chan chana chan' is lilting. But the different musical pieces don't seem to blend well in this song. So it does take a hit where melody is concerned. Maybe Bhavana's charm could light up the song on screen.


In a way, Vidyasagar has not really let the listener down. All the male singers have sung with aplomb. Only the last song leaves you unimpressed. But Vidyasagar's creativity has also not come to the fore here. He's capable of much more. Anyway, its a pleasing album, with a couple of chart climbers.

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