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Satyam Satyam
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
Starring: Vishal and Nayanthara.
Music: Harris Jayaraj.

This movie has generated a lot of interest amidst Vishal fans (a sizable group) because he has toned his body beautifully to play the role of a cop. And, of course, Nayanthara supplies the glamour quotient. More important, this is Harris Jayaraj’s 25th movie and he is supposed to have used a live orchestra ( of 84 members) for the recording, which is rather

unusual these days! He has tuned 5 songs for the film. How has the live orchestration worked? Let us take a look.

Ada gada gada…

Vocals: Premji Amaran
Lyrics: P.Vijay

Well, Harris Jayaraj has still not shaken off the ‘Dhikku dhikku’ song from his system, as we can see here. The rhythms somewhat resemble the song. A lot of rhythmic fillers like’ Shaba raba raba rum bam bam’ have been sprinkled throughout the song which itself seems aimed at teasing a girl! The sudden juxtaposition of ‘Aayi mahamayi mayi tirusooli’ and all the verbal pyrotechnics really makes you smile! There’s an odd instrument here which you hear both in the middle and the end. Is it flute? It sounds quite plaintive.

En Anbe…
Vocals: Sadhana Sargam, Benny Dayal
Lyrics: Yugabharati

The initial guitar bits are very sweet. The song itself seems to be largely based on Kapi raga. And portrays a girl’s devoted love for her man. Her thrill is effectively conveyed by the twinkling, rolling musical interludes with string instruments woven throughout the song. And the chorus is so pleasing—‘Athadi aasai alai paya—‘it goes on thus. Sadhana Sargam is faultlessly melodious with Benny taking a back seat here.

Aaradi Kaatthey…

Vocals: Hariharan
Lyrics: P.Vijay

Quite a punchy song, this! Paints a picture of the’ tough cop’ that Vishal plays in the movie. Very thoughtfully conceived rhythm for the song which recalls police parades and marches. Not many string instruments have been used here. One does hear some Dilruba strains. The phrases’Aaradi kaathey’ and ‘Kangalukkul odum gandhagatthil aaru’ are quite startling in their effect. One fondly hopes Vishal has supplied adequate emotions to set the song on fire! Good use of Suddha dhanyasi raga.

Chellame Chellame…
Vocals: Balaram, Bombay Jayashree, Sunitha Sarathy
Lyrics: Yugabharati

Harris-Jayashree combination has always struck gold in the sense the songs have always come off very melodious. This is no exception. Again a slight variation of the same S.Dhanyasi raga. Apart from the bass flute and dilruba many soft instruments have been carefully etched into the song to soothe the listener. But one also gets to wonder if the ‘Vaseegara’ effect still lingers in the song! Coming right on the heels of the earlier song which portrays Vishal as ‘tough cop’ the soft verses of the ‘cop in love’ is rather refreshing!

Paal Pappaali…

Vocals: Naveen, Mahati
Lyrics: Kabilan

A song clearly aimed at the masses with lovely native rhythms, very lively nagaswaram pieces and other instruments that weave smoothly into one another. Harris Jayaraj seems to specialize in this—delicate blending of instruments! An imaginative handling of Madhyamavathi raga where the ‘pa’ swara is not used much. Sung with gusto by Naveen (could do with better pronunciation) and great deal of charm by Mahati. Could climb the charts.


Harris Jayaraj has not disappointed us here. But at the same time there’s nothing that sweeps us off our feet too. One feels he could have used the live orchestra more freely to add aesthetic richness to the album. This being an important milestone for him ( 25th film) let us wish him the very best!

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