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Aegan Aanandha Thaandavam
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Aanandha Thaandavam---Produced by Oscar V.Ravichandran for Aascar films, directed by AR.Gandhi Krishna,who was an assistant to director Shankar in ‘Sivaji’. The movie is an adaptation of the late writer Sujatha’s ‘Pirivom Sandhippom’. In fact he did the dialogues before passing away. Has been filmed in Ooty, Ambasamudram,Tenkasi, Kuttaralam and Papanasam. Starring Siddharth as Raghu, Tamanna Bhatia as
Aanandha Thaandavam

Madhumita, Rukmini Vijaykumar,Bala Singh, Madan Bob and others. G.V.Prakash Kumar has done the music score for the film, with Vairamuthu writing the lyrics. Let us check what he has to offer after Seval.
We have 5 plus one remix song in the album.


Vocals: Naresh Iyer and Harmony.

We have the flute and keys combining in the first piece, and the vocal lady chorus is nice and subdued. Trumpets, sax and tabla add some colour to an otherwise ordinary song. There is a nice swing between western beats and tabla in the charanams. Gentle lyrics from Vairamuthu.

Aanandha Thaandavam
Kallil Aadum
Vocals: Benny and Swetha

The song when it begins is so reminiscent of an old Hindi melody! Anyway, when the guitar and flute combine in the beginning, the flute takes off so smoothly from the guitar note. In fact the guitar brings a lot of warmth to the whole song. Fine lyrics by Vairamuthu—‘naan enbadhu thanimai, nee enbadhu verumai, naam enbadhu inimai’ is so cute. Both these songs seem based on Natabairavi scale.

Vocals: Srinivas, Shreya Ghosal

This song, dipped in mild pathos, seems to have been heavily inspired by traditional Irish music, be it the rhythms or strings. You do hear electric guitar, some (electric?) violin and some flute. But somehow, the sangatis of the song and the mood of it don’t seem to match the beats—a trifle odd! Sometimes the instruments drown out the lady’s voice , something rare for a Shreya piece. Srinivas pleases.

Megam Pola
Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan

Though this song conveys sorrowful longing—‘ninaivenra mulkaadu’ ‘villum ambum onrai serndu vaazhathey’ and many other striking images—G.V.Prakash has to be applauded for the

lovely use of Subapantuvarali raga for this song. He has rightly used the ‘sa ri ga’ phrase and stressed on ‘dha’ and ‘ma’ swaras to bring out the heartache. Along with some lovely guitar play, you hear subtle sounds of veena in mantra stayi. Very plaintive notes from the flute especially when it combines with veena. Sung very well by Shankar Mahadevan.

Kanaa Kaangiren

Vocals: Shuba Mudgal, Nityashree, Vinitra

A subtly different number in the raga Abheri, with the foot –stomping ‘sa sa sa---ni sa ni pa’ notes that dictate the pace of the song. Shuba begins in her robust voice and Nityashree takes off from there. Very fine use of Tape here along with thavil. The song itself visualizes a marriage celebration and life after. The veena and flute combine deliciously. The drums blend in nicely too. Lovely nagaswaram! There is a small bit from the electric violin. Could be a hit for the dramatic way it unfurls itself.

Aanandha Thaandavam Theme Music
Vocals: Navin Iyer ,G.V.Prakash

The song Poovinai has been articulated with different instruments, but subtly bringing out different moods—now soft, now stormy, now happy, etc; the guitar and flute start off and you have a lovely chord 25 seconds into the song. Is that the cello that you hear later? So full of gentle pathos!


Quite a few live instruments have been employed by Prakash, which is a welcome change. But the music by and large, lags in melody. The guitar, nagaswaram and the tape along with thavil deserve mention. The first two songs are sadly lacklustre. Maybe we should wait to see how they come across on the screen. Since the story itself is about unrequited love.

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