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Newtonin Moondram Vidhi
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Newtonin Moondram Vidhi---Produced by Madras Entertainment (P) Ltd; Directed by Thaimuthuselvan. Starring S.J.Suryah, Sayali Bhagat, Rajiv Krishna and others. Thaimuthuselvan is a well-known TV serial director ( Kaathu Karuppu). Rajiv Krishna, who played the hero in ‘Aha’ plays the role of villain here. Sayali Bhagat is a former Miss India. S.J.Suryah assures us that he has taken enough care to see that this film will be
Newtonin Moondram Vidhi

a big draw with women too this time. Intriguingly, the story is all about what happens in just two hours in a man’s life. Vinay, who has composed music for many advertisements, has put together 5 songs for this film. How has he fared?

Kaadhal Dhandora

Vocals: Krish
Lyrics: Kabilan

A song with a sophisticated touch, this! Interesting rhythms, with subtle variations all through –especially where the singers goes ‘dhi-naak-tha-na-na’ to the accompaniment of shehnai. In fact the keys, trumpet, shehnai and guitar have all been elegantly combined. A dandora-like effect is seen in the slow stately rhythm too in the background. The song reflects how besotted the hero is with his ladylove. Set on Natabairavi scale .Very well sung by Krish. The last passage in English that goes ‘she’ll take your breath away’ sounds more like a jingle!

Newtonin Moondram Vidhi
Vocals: Ranjith, Shalini
Lyrics: Vivega

What on earth is a word like ‘ummaachi’( Brahmin lingo for God) doing in a passion –filled song like this is anybody’s guess, but it could have been avoided! The initial trumpet piece is a clear indication of what is to follow. Banal lyrics and the music freely recall a couple of other Suryaa songs and some old hits! The saving grace is the lovely use of trumpets.

Mudhal Murai
Vocals: Sunitha Saradhy,S.J.Suryaa,Sam .P.Keerthan
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

This song has to be relished for the delicate, tentative music interludes as for Sunitha’s soft vocals. The flute, keys and guitar have been put together with a nice touch. Thanks to Muthukumar, the lyrics just stop short of being vulgar. Not an original tune anyway. Starts off with Suryaa reeling off a small verse. The ‘ilesa, lesa lesa’ bit adds variation.

Vocals: Naresh Iyer, Srilekha Parthasaradhy
Lyrics: Ilayakamban

It will be really interesting to see how Suryah manages to sail smoothly through this scorcher of a song without offending womenfolk. Appears to be a passionate duet. Seems set on the Karaharapriya scale. In fact both the music interludes in this song need to be relished—the first featuring guitars, drums and vocals and the second, all rhythms alone! Again, not an original tune. But could catch on for the ‘titillation factor’.

Newtonin Moonram Vidhi

Vocals: Sam.P.Keerthan
Lyrics: Vivega

Talk of globalization—Newton’s third law of motion expressed casually in tamil lyrics( yuddham begets more yuddham and muttham begets more muttham!) and all neatly stuffed into part European part Arabian rhythms!! Well the song talks about every action having an equal and opposite reaction. Keys, drums, violin and guitars come together with a punch, being the title song! Interesting use of Todi raga swaras.


While wishing Vinay all the best for the creative inputs that we get to see here, let us also hope that he softens down the heavy rhythms that he has employed in the album. Gets to be monotonous after some time. The songs appear to be ornamental add-ons and don’t seem to have much to do with the story. Let us wait for the picturization.

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