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Mahesh Saranya Matrum Palar Mahesh Saranya Matrum Palar
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar: This uniquely titled movie, produced by Kool Productions has been directed by P.V.Ravi ,who was an assistant to Lingusami. The film stars Sakthi, P.Vasu’s son, who debuted in Thottal Poo Malarum to acclaim. His pair is the talented youngster Sandhya, with Daniel Balaji and Keerthi Chawla along with them. The subject seems to be a cheery youth-oriented one. Vidyasagar’s fans are eagerly awaiting the film as he seems
Mahesh Saranya Matrum Palar

to have put in a lot here. 8 songs feature in the album-a hefty number, indeed! How has the melody maker fared?

Kaatre Kaatre...

Vocals: Benny Dayal
Lyrics: N Muthukumar

The excited outpouring of a young heart afflicted with love—and adequately expressed by Benny Dayal. In fact he is getting better with every song! Has the feel of a pop number. The exuberant guitar dominates the song, with minimal inputs from the keys and violin. Small but dramatic swirling sangatis mark this song which appears set to the Kiravani scale.

Mahesh Saranya Matrum Palar
Thajam Thajam...
Vocals: Binny Krishnakumar
Lyrics: P Vijay

A young woman’s grateful appreciation of all the lovely things around her-family, nature love etc; a straightforward use of the Sriranjani raga. With Binny Krishnakumar possessing such a powerful voice, one wishes the composer had chosen a slightly lower pitch for the entire song. Surprisingly the musical interludes too, with the veena, flute and santoor ( which fares better) are slightly strident. The saving grace comes from the mrudangam.

Thanthatthile Seydha
Vocals: S.P.Balasubramaniam
Lyrics: Jayandha

An affectionate song, with a lot of fatherly pride thrown in. Who better to articulate it than SPB? Such delicate emotions conveyed through the words’ nila’, ‘nee vazhga’ and ‘nadandhu vara’! the guitar and keys combine sweetly at the beginning with a shehnai-like piece later on and 3 minutes into the song ,some nice coming together of flute and sitar with faint percussion sounds in the background. Is it Suddha Danyasi or Sumanesa ranjani?

Vaigarai Paniyae...
Vocals: S.P.Balasubramaniam
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

A song that appreciates the little delights of life, including wedded

bliss. Some soulful singing here! The violin and nagaswaram ‘riffs’( if you may call them thus) at the start crisply show up the raga Brindavana Saranga, but the song slightly seems to veer off to Valaji raga in the two charanams. Some very pleasant notes from the veena and violins and a measured smooth beat from the thavil make this song linger in our minds long after we are done with it.

Vizhiyil Vizhiyil
Vocals: Haricharan, Rita
Lyrics: P Vijay

A very differently conceived song with an original tune. The racy, oft-repeated violin bit runs through the whole song, dictating its pace. A love duet with simple lyrics and sung well by both, though Rita’s voice is a trifle shrill sometimes. The violins dominate the song, with an occasional bit of flute and guitar. The hand-clap like sounds add to the rhythm of drums.

Yaaradhu Yaaradhu...
Vocals: Karthik
Lyrics: P Vijay

Another high pitched number, but is well carried off by Karthik. Funny, but this song almost reminds you of song no.5. Has a slight western touch to it with two interesting music interludes, the second one being all rhythms! No scope for many instruments in this song.

En Paadal...
Vocals: Saindavi
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Some fine variations in rhythm patterns is seen all through this song. A very fast paced number, sung with commendable aplomb by Saindavi. You do get to hear trumpets, keys, flute and guitars with some delicate bell-like sounds too, but the rhythms carry the entire song to the end!

En Uyirukkul...
Vocals: Tippu, Rajalakshmi
Lyrics: Jayandha

Has a distinct Sindubairavi raga feel to it, even if the swaras are not exact. A smooth, flowing love duet though the tune cannot be called original. The repeated phrase’ sa ri ga ma pa ma ga ri ‘ is attractive. Again the violins are pleasing, along with keys.


The album is quite creative where rhythms are concerned and Vidyasagar shows his true mettle by bringing in ragas which are different from the normal ones we often hear. This is the Vidyasagar we would like to see more often. A generous use of high pitched renderings is a little unusual for him, which is what we see here.

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