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Thenavattu Thenavattu
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
Srikanth Deva has tuned five songs for the movie with Na.Muthukumar penning lyrics for all the five! The film itself is supposed to be an action entertainer. Well, going by the racy songs, it mostly certainly seems so!

Usilampatti Sandhayile
Vocals: Mahalakshmi Iyer, Senthil Dass, Shankar Mahadevan

This song features very lively Nagaswaram interludes.

Shankar Mahadevan’s voice seems to convey winks and naughty smiles. Thavil and salangai add to the total mood, with varied rhythms. The lyrics are basically functional with one or two lovely images thrown here and there. If the picturisation carries the same amount of spontaneity, it could be a delight to watch. The song gently touches upon Sankarabaranam and Kiravani ragas.

Enge Irundhai
Vocals: Harish Raghavendra

Well conceived and melodious. What pleases the ear is the imaginative use of violins. Solo from a love-lorn soul, so to speak! The refrain' Tholil saayum podhu' in high pitch adds the right touch of dramatic contrast to the low pitched rendering. The raga Kaapi seems to have been used imaginatively here. Has every right to jump up the charts soon.

Enakkena Pirandhavalo

Vocals: Karthik, Suchitra, Arun

''Sa ga ma pa ma ga sa ni sa' is really an attractive phrase and the song itself is modelled on it. Suddha danyasi inspired? Lyrics are surprisingly mundane, coming from Muthukumar! What could have effortlessly turned into a neat melody is slightly hampered by harsh articulation and heavy rhythms.

Vocals: Krish and Chinmayee

Interestingly, everything about this song is soft and flitting--like the movement of a butterfly. The constant use of the word' parakkudhu' right through the song reinforces the soft feel. Not to mention the harmonica in the beginning.

Onnu rendu

Vocals: Tippu and Ganga

Here comes the mandatory, folksy group song! Probably sung by friends of the hero! Light hearted lyrics and a jaunty rendering complete the picture. A mood of gay abandon pervades the song. The refrains in what appears to be Mohana raga are quite funny! Again you hear a bit of Kiravani. Could make it to the charts, too.


Srikanth Deva has thankfully put' Nepali' behind him. Let us fervently hope that he explores melodic aspects more, without sacrificing himself to rhythm. Na.Muthukumar seems to have taken things lightly here. Does the movie dictate it?

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