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Netru Indru Naalai Netru Indru Naalai
Music review By Malathy Sunderam
R.Anil has scored the music for this album, bringing out five songs. This seems to be a Telugu movie which has been brought out in Tamil, too. What seems to be lacking is the distinct ' native touch'. And what remains with you after you listen to it is only the relentless sound of percussive instruments. Nothing else.

Vocals: Sayanora, Priya, Lyrics: Tamilamudhan
Netru Indru Naalai

A 'come hither' song, full of hedonistic appeal, rendered in a suitably raspy voice by the singers, especially Sayanora. The song seems to be loosely based on the Natabhairavi scale of carnatic music. Though the sounds of violin and guitar give some relief, the accent is very much on beats of the Arabian kind only. Reminds you of 'Mehbooba Mehbooba' and a host of other such songs. Could sit on the charts for a couple of weeks just for the 'different' feel of the song!

Netru Indru Naalai
Vocals: Gautam Bharadwaj, Harshika, Lyrics: Tamilamudhan

The transformations that accompany the process of falling in love are articulated here. The male voice is husky and easy on the ears. Harshika's voice is quite sexy too. The lyrics do not carry any clever or arresting imagery. So they don't stay on the mind. It is the Sankarabharanam base that keeps this song at least ear-worthy.


Vocals: Ranjith, Nitin, Lyrics: N.Muthukumar

A song that does not lay any claim to originality in terms of music. A cynical and lighthearted look at the insidious reach of money! Sung in an adequately flippant manner by the two singers. Even Muthukumar seems subdued here, with a couple of lines like'panam enbathu varama valaiyaa' alone to show for his prowess. Again, heavy rhythms dominate.

Oru naalo oru pozhutho
Vocals: Harshika, Ranjith, Lyrics: Tamilamudhan

A delicate opening piece with the flute. The song is dominated by the woman's vocals. All about the intoxicating effects of love. Not very subtle lyrics. Harshika could do well with better pronounciation. Somehow the singers dont keep their singing allied to the rhythm. It seems to drag ever so slightly. Nice guitar sounds, though.

Netru Indru Naalai

Vocals: Deepu, Lyrics: Tamilamudhan

The beginning tala piece is soft and pensive and the song is rendered neatly by Deepu. The lyrics reflect some self-searching and puzzlement regarding life itself. Probably the title piece, the song itself is too short to create any impact. Looks like Sankarabharanam again!


Judging by the length of each song, the role of songs in this movie seems to be more functional than anything else. When ragas like sankarabharanam and natabhairavi are used, one tends to expect more melodious compositions. Just as architectural variations break the monotony of buildings, so too music interludes break the monotony of rhythms and add charm to songs. Let us hope R.Anil surges ahead with much more melody in his future compositions!

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