Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Sundar.C.Babu
Vocals : Shankar Mahadevan, D.Velmurugan & party, Hariharan, Senthil Das, V.Chandran, M.Sasikumar, M.M.Srilekha

Produced by Global Infotainment Pvt. Ltd, this movie has P.Samuthirakani directing M.Sasikumar who stars in it. Sasikumar had directed Samuthirakani in Subramaniapuram, do you remember? We have Ananya, Abhinaya and Ganja Karuppu also alongside Sasi. Sundar.C.Babu, son of the famous veena vidwan Chittibabu scores the music for this film with Vaali, Muthukumar, Yugabarathy and Kabilan penning the lyrics. The story is supposed to be about friendship and relationships.


Sambo Siva Sambo---
Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan
Lyrics: Yugabarathy

Shankar Mahadevan pulls off this high-pitched energetic number with so much élan that you end up saying ‘wow’! not even one short breath intrudes the speedy rendition. Robust native rhythms and simple attractive note patterns from violins make up this song in what appears to be Vakulabaranam raga. Remember ‘Azhagaana ponnu naan’ in Bhanumati’s voice?


Vocals: D.Velmurugan & party
Lyrics: Kabilan

A folk dance number with slightly amusing lyrics and all the usual percussion and wind instruments. Full throated singing by Velmurugan as usual. In a vague way the song is lively.

Ulagil Endha Kaadhal---

Vocals: Hariharan
Lyrics: Vaali

Vaali, with an economy of words possible only for him, paints the pangs of an obstacle-laden love in this song sung with much feeling by Hariharan. There is a welcome break from the robust rhythms of the two earlier numbers with softer beats and pleasant strings. The raga appears to be Kapi.

Yakka Yakka---
Vocals: Senthil Das, V.Chandran, M.Sasikumar, M.M.Srilekha
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

It is easy to dismiss this sexy folk dance number as a routine one, but something about the music interludes ( male vocal chorus) gives it an air of freshness. Though rapid, the rhythms are not harsh.

Uyiril Pookkum Kaadhal---
Vocals: Hariharan

The same as song no.3, but with a very slightly altered pallavi.

Sambo Jakatam---

Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan

The first line of song no.1 alone, for a minute.

The Pain of Love---

Vocals: Hariharan

Just humming. No words. Conveys a mood of anguish.

Naadodigal Theme---

A tidy blending of native and western rhythms.


This album deserves mention for its delicate sound mixing. Sundar.C.Babu has taken care to use minimum instruments to bring out the necessary feel for each song. Nothing grand or ornate about notes. Maybe just what the story demands!

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