Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Hariharan & Lesle Lewis
Vocals : Hariharan, Lesle,Achu, Shaan, Lesle,Surmukhi, Bombay Jayashree, Sunitha Saradhy, Ranjani, Deva
Lyrics : Vairamuthu

Produced by Mediaone Global Entertainment Limited and Gemini Industries & Imaging (Pvt) Limited and directed by Saran (of Vasool Raja MBBS fame), this movie has Vinay and Kajol Agarwal in the lead, with an interesting supporting cast comprising of a Nigerian, a Japanese, a Chinese and a German woman playing friends of the heroine. Hariharan and Leslie Lewis (of Colonial Cousins fame) score music in Tamil here for the first time. This

  Modhi Vilaiyadu

album has been long in the making. Is it worth the wait? Let us check it out now.

Vocals: Hariharan, Leslie, Achu

A stylish number, this, in what looks like a western depiction of Bahudari raga. The repeated swaras ’pa ma ga ma’ on the trumpet adds gaiety. In fact the lively trumpet notes give a ‘jazzy’ feeling to the song itself. Notice how it goes ’sa ni sa ni sa’ and swoops down ’sa sa ni pa, ni ni pa ma,---‘ etc; and then takes off on the top ‘pa’ swara and goes ‘paa—ma pa ma pa ma pa’ all three minutes into the song.

Ottrai Vaarthaiyil---

Vocals: Shaan

A gently seductive number and articulated sweetly by Shaan—well done! Interesting lyrics too. Is it the Kaanada raga that has been so modernized? Apart from pleasant acoustic guitars, you hear some special sounds from Wind Chimes, Cowbel and drums. Could be savored by youngsters. The subtle pause after the words ’mouname iraicchalthaan’ is to be relished.

Chikki Mukki ---

Vocals: Leslie, Surmukhi

Sensual lyrics that speak of the pleasure of touch between lovers, but all poetic and nothing sordid. The song itself moves on a quirky rhythm which catches your fancy. There is a liveliness in the lady singer’s voice which adds energy to this number.

Vocals: Bombay Jayashree, Sunitha Saradhy

The velvet voice of Jayashree and the raspy one of Sunitha contrast nicely in this song which appears to be based on the Natabairavi scale. The gamaka on the words ‘podhadhu’ and ‘thee moottum’ is quite sexy, when you go along with the lyrics. There is a short passage of alaap in Madhyamavathi by Jayashree in the middle. Could be a hit too.

Latcham Vaarthaigal---
Vocals: Ranjani

A very deep-voiced rendering in the same mettu of song number two, but with different lyrics. Devassy’s piano and keyboards are so delicate here. The drums are stylish too.

Modhi Vilaiyadu---

Vocals: Hariharan, Deva

The title song, of course, but with lyrics that need to be enjoyed. It starts off with a bit of Sindubairavi raga and goes on from there. What gets this song on a roll is the rousing drumwork by Sivamani. It adds a lot of ‘masti’ to the song. Youngsters are certain to lap it up.


This album has touches of Latin music, but the songs cannot be classified as belonging to a particular genre. It has a certain sophistication to it, especially the rhythms and soft touches of classical stuff, which are so subtle in places. A welcome addition to the Tamil film music world. Let us happily look forward to more stuff from them.

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