Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Devi Sree Prasad
Vocals: Vikram, Suchitra Karthik Kumar, Rita, Viveka, Rita, Priya Hemesh, Devi Sree Prasad
Lyrics : Viveka

Expectations are sky-high for this long awaited movie, especially from Vikram fans. Here he pairs with Shriya Saran. Produced by Kalaippuli .S.Thanu and directed by Susi Ganesan, this film has music by Devi Sree Prasad (raring to go after his ‘Villu’ success). The lyrics have been penned by Viveka. The audio release function held recently was a grand affair where an adoption of 30 villages and a donation of a marriage hall were also announced along with the audio release! Shot on an expensive budget, this movie


has scenes in Tanzania, Kenya, Italy, Mexico and Switzerland. We have Krishna, Ashish Vidhyarthi, Vivek, Prabu Ganesan and Santhanam essaying roles along with the lead pair. The film is supposed to have a ‘Robin Hood’ feel to it! Let us wait!

Excuse Me---
Vocals: Vikram, Suchitra Karthik Kumar
Lyrics: Viveka, Devi Sree Prasad, Kalaippuli Thanu, Susi Ganesan, V.Elango

A fun song with infectious rhythms where the girl goes purposefully after an unwilling boyfriend. Suggestive lyrics, of course to the accompaniment of guitars and keyboard stuff. Vikram has carried it off rather well. Suchitra is her ebullient self.

Mambo Maamiyo---

Vocals: Vikram, Rita

A kind of rock and roll meets twist meets Caribbean rhythms –kind of song! Fun, nevertheless! Lovely interludes from the guitars and violins liven up this boisterous duet no end. This is supposed to have been shot in Mexico with Mexican dancers. (the rhythm is testimony) Vikram is quite stylish here. His fans are going to love it.

Ithellaam Dupe---

Vocals: Vikram, Viveka

Well, what can you make of this very, very offbeat crazed-out number? Just freak out, will you? Gives us an amusing glossary of many kinds of words ( especially those to do with wives numbers two and three---etc;) and after a breathless round up of each set, we hear the refrain’ Kandhaswamy dhaan toppu’!! and the fiery electric guitar adds its own ‘dhum’.

Kanthaswamy Theme: Devi Sree Prasad

The rhythms for this song are supposed to be by the ‘Murugan Temple Team’, with Susi Ganesan supplying the ‘kozhi’ sound and Rita the female vocals. A very catchy theme song with lyrics that are so carefully worded that the song may well refer to Lord Muruga too! Again a treat for Vikram fans.

Vocals: Rita

Technically an ‘Allegro’is a classical piece played in a speedy lively manner. This is certainly an explosive dance number which starts off with a gentle soprano bit and gallops from there. With Shriya dancing to this song, (shot in Italy with Italian dancers) it is bound to be a visual feast. Fine effort from Rita. Plenty of sunshine notes from the trumpets and trombones!

Meow Meow—
Vikram, Priya Hemesh

A very old ‘mettu’ masked in attractive modern rhythms. Priya is husky and seductive and Vikram has nothing much to essay. The guitars and violin have a field day! Could be a hit right away.

Kanthaswamy( DSP Mix)

A neat remix from Devi Sree Prasad. We have some additional rhythm work here.

En Peru Meenakumari—
Rap: written and sung by K.I.

A song intented for 100% titillation. With Mumaith Khan gyrating to it what else do you expect? The first line from the old Chandrababu hit ‘Bambara kannale’ keeps weaving in and out of this song sung in her usual robust fashion by Malathy.


Vikram’s USP is that he never takes himself seriously, and it is always reflected in his song sequences. This lively album too has a huge fun quotient attached to it. If the film also manages to walk the tightrope between comedy and action without degenerating into a farce, then we have a sure hit on our hands.

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