Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Karthik Raja
Vocals: Anupama, Krish, Rahul Nambiar, Sowmya, Karthik Raja

This film by Arun Vaidyanathan (A New York Film Academy product) only recently won the best Homegrown Feature Film at the Garden State Film Festival and now we hear that it is being entered for the Shanghai Film Festival too. Produced by Srinivasan Perumal, Ananth Govindan, Asma Hashmi, Ramzan Lakhani and Arun (Project East West), the film stars Prasanna and Sneha in the lead roles. The first Tamil movie shot in Red Camera, the fist

  Achchamundu Achchamundu

film to be color corrected in Plaster City in Los Angeles and the first to use the sound mixing skills of Marti. D. Humphrey, this movie is supposed to be a slick psychological thriller shot in the US. Music is by Karthik Raja and there is a good 45 minutes of silence in the film (like Nandhalala) which is interesting! Carnatic vocalist Sowmya has crooned a song here-another first!

Vocals: Anupama, Krish, Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Palanibarathy

Blitzing electronic music and rapid intricate rhythms characterize this number which speaks of the breakneck speed of life in that country. The tabla interludes come almost as a breather. Probably the first song of the movie, because the lines go ‘Achamillai Achamillai’ ironically!

Parvai Vali Sumandhal---

Vocals: Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Andal Priyadarshini

Short but crisp lines from Andal Priyadarshini that reflect a nameless dread which is equally well reflected in the troubled voice of Rahul too. And the sharp notes add to it.

Kannil Thagam---

Vocals: Sowmya
Lyrics: Andal Priyadarshini

Quite a haunting and sophisticated number, this. Well sung by Sowmya too; so many subtle emotions- fear, anxiety, yearning and love have been gently conveyed here. The background music too is suitably sonorous but seductive and the unhurried rhythm works its own charm. A song with a difference! Could be a hit soon.

AA Theme Music---
Vocals: Karthik Raja

Easily one of the best ‘theme music’ pieces to emerge of late. The slow probing rhythms that barely pick up speed now and then, the wailing violins and the keyboard sounds all serve to quicken up your heartbeats (as much as the silences in between) without hurting your ears. Quite polished!


Karthik Raja has done himself proud here. The album is slick and functional with each song appearing essential to the story. And the music is very ‘in’ with the American story background. Maybe we have a visual treat on our hands too when the movie releases!

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