Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : S.Thaman
Vocals : Navin, Rahul Nambiar, Naresh Iyer, Suchitra, Vardhani Thaman, Shankar Mahadevan, Malathy, Sayanora, Priya, Tipu, Ranjith, Rita, Karthik
Lyrics : Vairamuthu

Produced by Oscar Films’ D.Ramesh Babu, this movie has cinematographer Ravivarman debuting as director. Newcomers Harshvardhan (son of Y.G.Mahendran), Rahul Ravichandran and Samantha star in this film. It has been titled so because it is about a pair of lovers who are as different from one another as the river Kaveri is from the river Moscow-the former being rough and warm and the latter placid. Vairamuthu has penned some unusual lyrics

  Moscowin Kaveri

for the movie and S.Thaman scores the music, tuning six songs.

Nee Onrum Azhagi---
Vocals: Navin, Rahul Nambiar

Funnily, this lyric conveys similar sentiments as the Angadi Theru number’ Aval Appadi Onrum’! (Poets think alike?) .Anyway, the staccato beats don’t somehow do justice to the song. Neat accompaniment from the harp, guitars and violin. Does not grip you.

Then Muttham---

Vocals: Naresh Iyer, Suchitra

A breezy lyric that has the lovers getting into little tiffs over small things. Again the instrumental accompaniment sounds a trifle harsh, robbing the song of its charm.

Athikaalai Pookkal---

Vocals: Vardhani Thaman, Shankar Mahadevan

Shankar Mahadevan lifts this song effortlessly into a different plane with his passionate singing. A fun lyric, where the lovers compare their likes and dislikes and find themselves poles apart in many things! Pleasant blending of thavil sounds with the western bit just before the second charanam. A nice bit of Sriragam on the nagaswaram and some spirited guitar inputs add charm.

Aanum Pennum---
Vocals: Malathy, Sayanora, Priya

Thoughtful lyrics that exhort us to go beyond others’ faults embrace them and live in happiness. Lively, crisp folk rhythms permeate this song. Minimal support from other instruments. The strong voices of Malathy and Sayanora shine through.

Gramam Thedi Vaada---
Vocals: Tipu, Ranjith, Rita

Everything about this song is cheery-the opening harmonium piece, the lively native percussions, the ‘Madura Mallika’ bit and the lyric itself that speaks with rightful pride about the unpolluted atmosphere of villages in India! And some enthusiastic singing from all the three adds more colour to the song which picks up tempo towards the end. Could be relished for its ‘different’ feel.

Gore Gore---

Vocals: Karthik, Suchitra

Another interesting lyric from Vairamuthu, refreshingly different from the regular duets. And set to pleasing rhythms and some good violins. In fact, the music interludes are themselves easy on the ears! Karthik is as expressive as ever and Suchitra is husky and nice to listen to. Could climb the charts.


This album has an uneven quality to it. The first two songs are just about ok, but you see Thaman’s creativity bobbing up here and there in the others. Basically the Karaharapriya and Natabairavi scales seem to have been used. He could try to coax the natural rhythm out of lyrics and soften his keyboard ‘sangatis’. Worth a listen for its bright spots.

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