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Release Date : Nov 14,2013
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Production: CV Kumar
Cast: Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty
Direction: Deepan
Screenplay: Deepan
Story: Deepan
Background score: Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Deepak Kumarpadhy
Dialogues: Deepan
Editing: Leo John Paul.M
Stunt choreography: Billa Jagan
Dance choreography: M.Sherif
Singers: Dhee, Gana Bala, Kalyani Nair, Pradeep Kumar, Vineet Mani
Lyrics : Arun Raja, Ganeshkumar
PRO: Nikhil Murugan
Villa (aka) Pizza 2 release expectation


Karthik Subbaraj’s Pizza stood out for its brilliant script, extraordinary performances and a hooking narration. The horror movie turned a franchise and the second film, Pizza 2- Villa is all set to release this 14th November 2013, on the Children’s day. Directed by Deepan Chakravarthy, Villa stars Ashok Selvan and Sanchita Shetty in the lead roles.

In a conversation with Behindwoods, director Deepan said, “I had scripted ‘Villa’ and proposed it to C.V Kumar and the story won his attention. The tag of ‘Pizza-2’ was the producer’s idea, not mine as he saw this project as a good way to build the newly formed Pizza franchise.”

The director also adds, “I’m happy with the way the film has come out and I’m very much proud to call this as my first film.”

“Of course he is,” continues Ashok Selvan, the lead of the movie. “He (Deepan) wouldn’t give up until he gets what he wants. ‘No compromise’ is his motto,” he laughs. “Jokes apart… Deepan is a superb writer and an amazing visualizer. Accordingly, Villa has turned out to be a quality product and I’m sure this will meet the expectations of people, who come to the theaters with (Karthik Subbaraj’s) Pizza in mind,” He promises.

So what’s special in Villa? “Villa will have no connect to Pizza whatsoever except in its genre, both being horror-thrillers. You’d have seen nothing like this before. A new trend, I would say, in the genre of horror and thriller. That said, it’ll not be a cold blooded movie. It’s a family entertainer, extremely gripping and I assure it’ll be worth every penny you pay,” Ashok puts across.

Adding to it, Deepan says, “The whole film is a puzzle. You’ll keep solving it and there’s no way you’ll get bored. You can expect to be thrilled. For all the people who are expecting something new in terms of story and treatment, Villa is your answer. You can also experience the new technical enhancements, like Dolby Atmos.”

Wrapping things up, Ashok says, “Make sure you watch the last half hour very keenly. The pre-climax and climax will be killers!”


Villa (aka) Pizza 2

Villa (aka) Pizza 2 is a Tamil movie with production by CV Kumar, direction by Deepan, cinematography by Deepak Kumarpadhy, editing by Leo John Paul.M. The cast of Villa (aka) Pizza 2 includes Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty.