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Release Date : Oct 25,2013
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Production: Libra Productions
Cast: Jayaprakash, Lakshmi Priya, MS Baskar, Nanditha, Nassar, RS Shivaji
Direction: Subu
Screenplay: Subu
Story: Subu
Background score: Madley Blues
Cinematography: Nishar
Dialogues: Subu
Editing: Surya
Stunt choreography: T. Ramesh
Dance choreography: Sathish
Singers: Harish Venkat, Harshitha Krishnan, M.S.Vishwanathan, Mano, Solar Sai, Subu, Venky, Vijay Prakash
Lyrics : Harish Venkat, Subu
PRO: Mounam Ravi
Sutta Kathai


By the sound of it Sutta Kadhai’s title sounds like a story lifted from somewhere but by the looks of the kitschy promotional material, the movie is making us believe it is a throwback to the eighties. Releasing this weekend, director Subu and the lead actors Venkatesh aka Venky and Lakshmi Priya take up Sutta Kadhai’s case and argue that you shouldn’t miss the film. Here is why.

“It’s a very unique genre,” begins the director. “You would have seen nothing like this before”, adds Lakshmi Priya. “Indha maadhiri padatha idhukku munna pathurukkave maatinga”, translates Venkatesh, in a pucca filmy modulation.

“Based on a research and practice followed by Hollywood, the film’s duration is kept at only 1 hour and 45mins,” Lakshmi points out another interesting point. “Yeah… There’s no way you’d get bored”, promises Subu.

Ask them about the songs, they go super-excited. “We have kickass songs, all recorded with live instruments,” Subu begins. “There’s just one choreographed song (Dingu Dongu) and the rest are montages.  A stunning suspense will follow this Dingu Dongu track… Watch out,” alerts Lakshmi. Venkatesh has also done his famous ‘Step Step Mani’ act in this song.

The other highlight of the film will be its chromatic visuals, they claim. The director explains, “Although we shot the entire film in Kodaikanal, the script revolves around an imaginary location. But, the visuals will be a real treat!” 

Like Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam, Sutta Kadhai has also been mixed in Auro 3D sound. “It’ll be an extraordinary experience… You’ll feel like physically being in a forest,” boasts the team.

What is the strongest highlight of the film?  Lakshmi says, “It’s a whodunit mystery with a brilliant comedy streak.” “Sutta Kadhai is a racy ride and doesn’t deviate from its plot at all,” Venky declares.

Catch the film in theaters on this Friday, 25th October.


Sutta Kathai aka Sutta Kadhai

Sutta Kathai aka Sutta Kadhai is a Tamil movie with production by Libra Productions, direction by Subu, cinematography by Nishar, editing by Surya. The cast of Sutta Kathai aka Sutta Kadhai includes Jayaprakash, Lakshmi Priya, MS Baskar, Nanditha, Nassar, RS Shivaji.