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Director of Pizza 2 - The Villa talks to Behindwoods about his upcoming thriller

''Pizza-2 not my idea'' - Director Deepan Chakravarthy

Sep 26, 2013

With Pizza 2 – The Villa turning out to be one of the most eagerly anticipated releases this year the director of the film, Deepan Chakravarthy, is anxious to meet the expectations of the audience. In an interview to Behindwoods Deepan talks about how he subscribes to the idea of the story taking the centre stage.

“I had scripted ‘The Villa’ and proposed it to C.V Kumar and the story won his attention. The tag of ‘Pizza-2’ was the producer’s idea, not mine as he saw this project as a good way to build the newly formed Pizza franchise. The Villa will have no relation or connect to Pizza whatsoever except in its genre, both being horror-thrillers.”

Deepan firmly believes that the onus will always rest on the story, “Like anyone else I would love to work with the big names but when I write a script I don’t do so with anyone in mind. The casting process comes at a much later stage. I’m confident that The Villa will ensure a big break in the industry for Ashok Selvan as his character has plenty of scope for performance and he’s pulled it off impressively.”

Deepan is also excited about the role of the Dolby Atmos in his film, “Whatever time and resources we have invested in the Dolby Atmos technology has paid off extremely well and the value it adds to the output is exceptional. It definitely contributes a lot more to the viewing experience of The Villa.”

As far as future projects are concerned Deepan is living very much in the present, awaiting the release of The Villa, and is yet to decide on what his next film is going to be. But he sees himself trying out different genres in the coming years, and he is also open to the idea of remaking The Villa in other languages if the opportunity presents itself.


Director of Pizza 2 - The Villa talks to Behindwoods about his upcoming thriller

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