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Release Date : Nov 02,2013
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Production: Vishal
Cast: Bharathiraja, Lakshmi Menon, Vikranth, Vishal
Direction: Suseenthiran
Screenplay: Suseenthiran
Story: Suseenthiran
Background score: D. Imman
Cinematography: R. Madhi
Dialogues: Suseenthiran
Editing: Antony
Stunt choreography: Anal Arasu
Dance choreography: Shobi
Singers: Anand Aravindakshan, Anthonydasan, Hariharasudan, Natraj, Pawan, Pazhaniyammal, Ramya Nambeesan, Suraj Santhosh
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
PRO: Jhonson
Distribution: Vishal Film Factory
Pandianadu (aka) Pandiya Nadu release expectation


Vishal’s Pandianadu is releasing in Tamil as well as in Telugu on Diwali day. Vishal also turns producer by launching his own banner Vishal Film Factory and he is quite happy with the fact that the movie is releasing on Diwali as planned earlier. Suseenthiran directs the movie that has Lakshmi Menon playing Vishal’s female lead. Here is, in Vishal’s words, why Pandianadu is a must watch.

Vishal begins by saying that he felt it was time to buck up and become a producer and that Pandianadu sounded like a perfect plan.

On the genre of Pandianadu he says, “It’s an action thriller, a middle class revenge drama. Unlike other thrillers, this has a rural backdrop.”

“No Déjà vu,” Vishal confesses about his role for the film. “Not even in a single scene did I feel I had done it before in my earlier films. So this film is an entirely new experience,” he adds.

Vishal plays a gullible person with stutter in his speech. “I observed director Suseenthiran and just replicated it onscreen and it was satisfactory,” says Vishal about his training.

According to Vishal, the climax of Pandianadu was the most difficult to shoot in his entire career. “Avan Ivan was difficult but Pandianadu is different because I had to bring out the anger and emotions of a transformed man and it was challenging,” Vishal avers.

Suseenthiran looked for ingenuity in the film in his every character. “Every scene had to be unique for him and he would ask me and Lakshmi to rework on every single scene to achieve the satisfactory effect,” he reminisces.

About working with Bharathiraja in the movie Vishal says, “He proved that he has the qualities of a legend. He would submit himself to the director and adapt to the environment. I am proud of having worked with him.”

Vishal vouches for Lakshmi saying, “She is a very talented actor and the interesting part of the movie is that she has done a ‘kuthu’ dance – a complete deviation from her earlier roles.”

Vishal is evidently happy about Imman’s background music and says that “he has given brilliant music and background score. I am happy as a producer that Imman is part of the project. Imman was given full creative freedom by Suseenthiran and the results are very satisfactory.”

Pandianadu is releasing as a Diwali treat.


Pandianadu (aka) Pandiya Nadu

Pandianadu (aka) Pandiya Nadu is a Tamil movie with production by Vishal, direction by Suseenthiran, cinematography by R. Madhi, editing by Antony. The cast of Pandianadu (aka) Pandiya Nadu includes Bharathiraja, Lakshmi Menon, Vikranth, Vishal.