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Audio Launch of Karu Palaniappan's Jannal Oram

“After Rajinikanth, only Suriya can do it!”- Ameer

Oct 18, 2013

The audio release of Karu Palaniappan’s Jannal Oram happened yesterday (17th October 2013) in the presence of Suriya, Vishal, Ameer, Parthiban, Samuthirakani, Cheran, Vemal, Manisha Yadav and the rest of the cast and crew of the film. The team took a trip across Chennai in a special bus and distributed their audio CDs to the public for free as a part of their innovative audio launch. The trip came to an end at Kamala Cinemas, Chennai, where an event to celebrate the launch of the music was hosted by the team.

Talking at the event Ameer said, “Grandeur, fun and glamour are generally the ingredients of an audio launch event. But here I sense gratitude more than anything. That said, I would also like to thank a person. Suriya! It was Suriya who believed the director in me. Back then, both me and the producer of Nanda wanted to do a film with him. We were sitting in a fruit shop in Besant Nagar and discussing our plans. Suriya then said, “If you both come together I’ll do the film happily. If you want to come separately, I’ll take Ameer’s project first”. I was moved.”

The Mounam Pesiyadhe director also added, “After Rajinikanth, only Suriya can draw such huge family audience. According to me, he is the Aamir Khan of Tamil Cinema. My request to Suriya is that he should do more family oriented films. I’m not asking him to do a film for me. A director like Karu Palaniappan can give a makeover for him.”

In response to Ameer’s speech, director Karu Palaniappan said, “I didn’t want to speak in my own event. But Ameer has forced me to speak. He knows the knack of getting someone in trouble. When I invited Suriya for my marriage, his first question was – “Love Marriage?” When I said yes, I witnessed a twinkle in his eyes and he was the first one to appear for my marriage. Suriya had also taken part in the launch of Sivapathikaram and he is here today. In fact, I didn’t invite Suriya personally for this event, my producer did. So my point is that, we both share a beautiful friendship even without doing a project together and I hope this continues even if we don’t get together for a film in the future.”

Suriya thanked everyone for their kind words about him and said, “I myself am a fan of Parthiban Kanavu and Sivapathikaram. Jyothika still regrets missing out Parthiban Kanavu. She was the initial choice of Karu Palaniappan for the lead role. For various reasons she couldn’t.”

The Singam 2 actor also added, "they say only 8-9% of Tamil films become hits in a year. I hope Jannal Oram turns out to be a big hit.

Parthiban, who took over, was at his eloquent best. “We all know the ‘Gnyana Pazham’ episode from ‘Thiruvilayadal’. If Ganesha was more intelligent than lord Murugan, our producer Murugan is much more intelligent than lord Shiva himself. He picked a brilliant director and let him do all the work,” he started. “The invitation for the event was exceedingly simple, but the film will be extraordinary. All extraordinary things, like our Superstar Rajinikanth are simple. This is the only film where I have completely listened to the director and I want this one to be a huge hit,” summed up the actor.

Vishal, who worked with Karu Palaniappan in Sivapathikaram, said that he’ll always be proud of that film. Talking about the cast of Jannal Oram, Vishal said, “I know both Vemal and Vidharth as Ramesh. We spent some time together in Koothu Pattarai. I started believing in cinema only when these people made impacts in the industry.”

The grand event came to an end after the music, composed by Vidyasagar was released by the entire gathering.


Audio Launch of Karu Palaniappan's Jannal Oram

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