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Production: Nallusamy Pictures, Star Film Land Cast: Chandini, Harish Kalyan, Samskruthy Shenoy, Shrusti Dange, Sri Direction: Ramesh Subramaniam Screenplay: Ramesh Subramaniam Story: Ramesh Subramaniam Music: Navin Background score: Navin Cinematography: Martin Joe Editing: Antony L Ruben Art direction: Jayachandran Lyrics: Ekadasi, Madhan Karky, Nanda Distribution: Suseenthiran

In a multi-starrer, what if the lead artists never met each other and how would a Babel like film based on coincidence end? Vil Ambu is one such fairly engaging action-drama with a lot of connecting points. The story is spot on and if not for the songs that need to come in as a breather, the intention of the script is never lost. Powerful performances and above average production value deliver an acceptable tale of life changing events faced by two youngsters.


Director Ramesh Subramaniam has narrated an emotional story that doesn't lose the direction at any point. Also the only problem in the story is its transparency, it becomes a challenge for the storyteller to retain the connect developed with the audience in the first half. The major conflict of the film gets easily exposed and there is no room for foreplay. Sri and Harish Kalyan score big time with the contrasting characters while the girls Samkruthy Shenoy, Chandini Tamilarasan and Shrusti Dange have their share of the pie. The diluted state of the villains is another drawback to the character driven screenplay.


When Sri in the role of a loafer almost teases the camera with his effortless performance, Harish as an innocent lad is bound to be noticed for his charming looks and clean features. Music composer Navin comes as a pleasant surprise with his sellable tracks, but BGM doesn't coincide with the sharp cuts.


Yogi Babu is a definite relief from the regular set of comedians. His gifted physique and natural ability to time the dialogues seem to be a trend away from the ordinary. Though there are winning moments for the story, the inadequacy with the screenplay comes as a costly mistake. When the end becomes little more than certain, needless drama and the use of typical elements makes it an already experienced watch for the audience.


Overall, the film doesn’t hold on to the initially created impact. The choice of an alternative narrative style or imposing of less drama could have made Vil Ambu lot stronger and direct. Martin Joe's camera work and Ruben's cuts cater enough to the story. Thanks to Suseenthiran for picking up a talented team and making a film with not many complaints. Vil Ambu is not an unavoidable film but guarantees a burden-less watch for your time and money.

Verdict: A watchable movie with clearly aimed story that mildly hits the target!
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Vil Ambu (aka) Vil Ambu

Vil Ambu (aka) Vil Ambu is a Tamil movie with production by Nallusamy Pictures, Star Film Land, direction by Ramesh Subramaniam, cinematography by Martin Joe, editing by Antony L Ruben. The cast of Vil Ambu (aka) Vil Ambu includes Chandini, Harish Kalyan, Samskruthy Shenoy, Shrusti Dange, Sri.