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Production: Etaki Entertainment Cast: Avinash Raghudevan, Radha Ravi, RJ Balaji, Sanath Reddy, Siddharth Direction: Deeraj Vaidy Screenplay: Deeraj Vaidy Story: Deeraj Vaidy, Mohan Ramakrishnan Music: Vishal Chandrashekar Background score: Vishal Chandrashekar Cinematography: Shreyaas Krishna Dialogues: Deeraj Vaidy Editing: Kurtz Shneider Art direction: Siva Sankar Stunt choreography: Sakthi Saravanan Lyrics: Vivek Velmurugan PRO: Suresh Chandra

A tale of rivalry and personal needs, Jil Jung Juk happens in a futuristic, apocalyptic world where demand and supply seem to have a sense of humour. Produced by Siddharth himself, this Deeraj Vaidy directed action-comedy is a deliberate attempt in making a progressive story filled with heightened state of comical affairs. Though the intricacies get tiring for the viewer, this queerness needs public validation. To know why, read this review.

JJJ is wacky, weird and outlandish. The idiosyncratic nature of the film gets to be the major advantage but it also detaches the viewer from the regular movie watching experience. The factor in the comedy might disturb the viewers, but the director’s spearheading effort with the dialogues deserves major applause. The screenplay’s eccentricity goes beyond a point of acceptance where the flow of narration rams into dips and unavoidable turns and the overall treatment of the film overtakes the intent of the story.

Deeraj has etched out a perfect characterization of the trio Jil Jung Juk using Siddharth’s expertise, Sananth Reddy’s innocence and Avinash Raghudevan’s deadpan face. All the three perform to perfection and there is not a scene where their non-talkie portions get boring. The over utilized factor for instigating laughter and the lack of a mind-boggling suspense result in a run-of-the-mill situation for the film half way through, which actually had a promising start. The ability of writers Mohan Ramakrishnan and Deeraj Vaidy to create new scenarios to navigate the screenplay is laudable.

Debutant Shreyas Krishna’s camera work sets a fresh gloss and Kurtz Shneider’s cuts are foreign and newfangled. Credits to the production designer for sourcing the best to put the 2020 world of the story in place; JJJ’s art-direction and costumes are nothing short of a spectacular. VFX involved shots are innovative and groundbreaking. Uncompromising initiatives with the sound design give the much needed authenticity to the setup of the film. From adult comedy to high-speed shots to musically visualized mise en scène, the film is a roller-coaster ride of trickiness.

Vishal Chandrashekar earns a separate paragraph in this review. Be it the revolutionary attempt with the songs or the amazing contribution to the film with his BGM, the composer is an exponent. The maturity to underplay and also to bring in cacophonous elements when required, the technician knows what to do and how to do. From Egyptian to African, Vishal has not left out a genre. Specifically the Carnatic-dubstep version tried in a shoot-out scene is an auditory euphoria. 

Having said enough about the pros and cons, JJJ is not that usual route you take to attain entertainment. It is quite unpredictable and intimidating, but giving it a chance, it will grow on you for it could become a cult film one fine day and can give you an unsullied experience. 

Verdict: Though more of Jung and a little of Jil, still a praiseworthy attempt!
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Jill Jung Juk (aka) Jil Jung Juck

Jill Jung Juk (aka) Jil Jung Juck is a Tamil movie with production by Etaki Entertainment, direction by Deeraj Vaidy, cinematography by Shreyaas Krishna, editing by Kurtz Shneider. The cast of Jill Jung Juk (aka) Jil Jung Juck includes Avinash Raghudevan, Radha Ravi, RJ Balaji, Sanath Reddy, Siddharth.